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What come across your mind when I mention Scott’s®? If you ask me, it would be their classic tvc. When I was a small kid, I still remember there is this one commercial about a boy who goes to school even after he was caught in a rain the previous day. Most of his friends had to stay home due to fever but he made it to school because he is healthy! and also the fact that his mom gave him Scott’s® Emulsion daily. Does it ring any bell? Growing up, I remembered my parents did bought Scott’s® Emulsion and fed us a spoon almost daily. If my memory didnt fail me, I remember there are two flavours. The orange one and the original one. My favourite is obviously the orange version. nyum nyum!

So last week, I was invited to join the Launch of #Momazing Campaign by Scott’s®. Before I explain more about the campaign, allow me to share some of the beneficial information as per below :


Scott’s® have been around for more than 140 years and has been Malaysia’s moms’ trusted brand for 85 years! If that is not long, I dont know what is



It is very important for us as parents to ensure that our precious child is able to get the right amount of nutrition they deserve. And Scott’s® cod liver oil emulsion has just that. It contains Vitamin A that helps support a healthy immune function, Vitamin D to sustain bone growth and Omega-3 with DHA for brain development. I personally cant wait for my baby Sofea to achieve her 1 year old milestone so I could start giving her Scott’s® Emulsion.



What is #momazing ? It is actually the beautiful moment that makes you feel all Awww….. It is not news that parenting is not an easy task. As it is one of the toughest job in the world that comes with no manual… But is also well known to be rewarding in its own special ways. Being a new mom, I could totally relate to this. It is the moment when your child grows and all the little achievement as little as learning how to say “ da…dada….” it makes all your hard work and love poured justified. and that is #momazing moment.

Scott’s® Emulsion wants to celebrate mothers and the all their special moments through the Momazing campaign and is currently running a contest to find the TOP 10 most #momazing entries … Yaabedabeduuuuu!!



To enter this contest, all you need to do is:

1. Submit a photo of your Momazing moment with the hashtag #Momazing, #ScottsMY and a short caption describing the Momazing moment via Facebook comments, Twitter OR Instagram.

2. Leave a Direct Message to Scott’s® Malaysia Facebook stating your :

• FB/Twitter/Instagram profile name:

• Direct URL of the post:

• Email address:

• Contact number:

• Relationship to child:

• Last 4 digits of child’s birth certificate

Photo submission period starts from 1st February until 11:59pm, 28th February 2015.


I was thinking to submit an entry tooo! Ya, my daughter was selected to be a new face for a diaper brand and to me it was a good achievement. So happy and proud of her clip_image001 It would be super awesome if we could win too! *CROSSING FINGERS*



You can join as well, dont forget to include the 2 hashtags #momazing and #scottsmy and also inbox Scott’s® FB with all your contact details so that they will able to get in touch with you if you are one of the winners. I wish you all the best clip_image001[4]



Thank you for dropping by at my humble blog and for reading this up. Hope that you gain some beneficial information about Scott’s® as well as the new contest that they currently running.




For more information and contest’s terms and conditions, please visit:


  1. Father can join the contest or not? Btw gud luck

  2. i remember scotts since young.. been taking it since young omg! that was like 20 years ++ ago :) great stuff :)

  3. Until now i still consume scotts

  4. I know Scott's since I'm young, till now I've pass it to my kids, because it's really a good product.

  5. My kids love Scott's . It really good product.

  6. i give the scott for my daughter everyday ,im want she health

  7. my kids time also drink this scott very nice the original favorite


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