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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Is getting slimmer one of your resolution this year? If it is I have a great news for you, why not try out Ginger Slimming Treatments by London Weight Management. Their treatment have been No.1 weight loss solution by many Malaysian women. Do you know that they also won the Platinum Award for the Most Trusted Brand in the beauty and slimming centre category? They guarantees upt to 3Kg or 8-22cm loss even in the first session. Jaw drop! Seriously ke? one session can see result? I am already very excited to try it out haha


One of the best part about London Weight Management Slimming Treatments is becasue it is non-invasive. MEan no needle of nip and tuck needed. Phewww.. Call me old fashion but I got shiver thinking about surgery so NOPE haha. Good thing about London Weight Management  they used the latest and safest machine and technologies.

The Ginger Body Mask Treatment is most recommended for women who are planning for pregnancy and women who had just delivered. Kalau habis confinement can also come for the treatment. It would be a great post-natal care. If only I knew this earlier would have gone after I gave birth to Sofea… Its okay then, wait for next baby hehe

The good thing about this treatment is that it helps to warmth your body (thanks to the ginger), aid in strengthen womb and also helps to contract the womb expecially after the miracle process of giving birth. Ginger Mask will help expel wind from the body and reduce water retention. Apart from that, it also regulate hormone to increase fertility expecially for those preparing for pregnancy.

Besides, the Ginger Mask could also reduce menstrual cramps and stimulate blood circulation which will be helpful for women who are struggling with menstrual problems. It is also suitable for women going through menopause, as it contains anti-aging ingredients that not only fight aging but lighten skin pigmentation and reliefs pain in muscles and joints.


Step 1: One-to-One Personalized Consultation

London Weight Management’s Slimming Consultants will examine and provide a detailed analysis of the customer. The type of weight problems will be identified and customised treatment will be given to help customer achieve their ideal figure and weight.

Step 2: Aroma Steam Bath

An exhilarating experience, London’s Steam treatment will invigorate the mind and soul from daily stresses. Hot steam opens up the body pores to maximize results from the following treatment steps. Benefits of the steam treatment include draining out excess water from the body and improving blood circulation.

Step 3: Oxygenating Ginger Scrub

Users will enjoy the Ginger Scrub as it helps get rid of the wind trapped within the body that causes bloating and it provides more than just stress and tension relief. It’s a totally body-loving scrub, so relax for a softer, smooth skin while dead skin cells are scrubbed away. Besides, there will also be a relaxing massage to improve blood circulation.

Step 4: Hot Blanket

A ginger mask will be applied and the dual function of the Hot Blanket helps you flush excess water and toxin from body as well as increase metabolism and refreshes the body.

Step 5: Ampoule & Machine

Imagine exercising while lying down! London’s ginger ampoule burns fat for up to 12 hours! Machine treatment will stimulate the muscles and boost body’s metabolism. Together, ampoule and machine treatment will break up stubborn fat deposits in the body and burn it.

After the treatment, your consultant will weigh and take down the body measurements for a comparison with the weight and measurements before the treatment. Thousands have tried and testified to London’s Ginger Slimming Treatment, which guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss in the first session. And, it is the most effective weight loss treatment for women who suffered from post-natal weight gain.

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For Best Results:

Recommend to be applied twice a month. Apply with ginger scrub and follow a recommended balanced diet and London Weight Management program. 


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