Mr Tuk Tuk Sunway Piramid, Super Sedap Thai food!


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am back with a restaurant review and this time it is a special one because it involved thai food. Nyum nyum! I dont know about you but I do love thai food a lot. Everytime, I visited thailand I cant help but to try out as many thai dishes as I could. So happy that now, I get to try authentic thai street food without the need to travel all the way to thailand. Ya be daaa bedu…

Last couple of weeks, I went to buka puasa with my blogger friends at Mr. Tuk Tuk Sunway Piramid and I just cant wait to share with you how nice it is. By the way, congrats to Mr. Tuk Tuk for their second outlet opening. Their first outlet was located at Setia Alam. I was also informed that they have been in thai food business for over than 30 years. How amazing is that? Imagine the amount of experience they have in cooking thai goodness. Simply nyum. The company also run a fine dining restaurant in Ipoh. Would love to visit their outlet one day.

Anyway the first must try dish is their  Phad Thai RM8.80. Yes you can see in the first picture above. Love the tangy taste. I remember during my previous trip to thailand had phad thai on a boat at the floating market and eating this phad thai bring back so much memories.


Next we had Thai Special Platter, they have 4 types of platter to pick from. One of the platter also came with pandan chicken. Forgot to snap the pic of that dish. But it is okay, I will surely come back and snap a picture to share it with  you one day. This set cost RM 23.80 and boyyyy I love those som tam. The peanut sauce that come with the satay is just delish. The chicken is juicy as well. This platter is nice for started if you ask me. 


This is Thai BBQ Lamb RM11.80. My picture didnt do justice to the meal. It looks super tempting in real life. If you come to Mr.Tuk Tuk, do order this one up. The meat is nicely grilled and the dipping sauce hit every spot of my taste bud.



Here we have Fried Kangkung RM9.80 it is actually kangkung fried with tempura like coating and it is crunchy. I was happily munching this dish during the makan – makan session. It is a great snack on its own and you could also it is up with white rice as a side dish. I can forecast that this snack would be love by kids. The wont even noticed they are eating greens haha


What is thai food without the king of all thai food right? I present to you the Seafood Tom yam RM11.80, I am so going to bring my husband to try out their tom yam next round. also they have many other types of tom yam too. What is not to love about tom yam? The seafood tasted fresh, the herbs and spices are well balanced and the sour taste makes you want more and more.



Also had the amazing Green Curry Beef RM11.80, it comes in two selection you can opt to enjoy chicken or beef green curry. This is another dish that I will order again next round. Love the taste of the green curry the right balance of spicy, milky and sweet coconut milk.



This two ice cream are the ones I cant forget. It is my first time ever trying out Tom Yam Ice Cream and Green Curry Ice Cream. Yes, I am not even kidding. haha.. It is a very creative ice cream and something I never expect to be offered on the menu. Even after more than 6 times visiting Thailand, this is my first time encoutering with tom yam and green curry ice cream. Wondering how it taste like?

It is a good time to try it out as they are having opening promo and you get to try either Tom Yam, Green Curry or Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream for only RM1 with any dishes ordered. This promo is only for Mr. Tuk Tuk Sunway Piramid outlet and it last up til Jun 30, 2016. So hurry up!



For their selection of drink, ofcause you can expect fresh coconut drinks and thai milk tea! haha One of my blogger friend ordered green tea and I was told it is yummy.



Look at that my friend, Mango Sticky Rice RM7.90 be sure to try this baby out too k? also the water chestnut Rm7.90 I am pretty sure my daughter would enjoy both of the dessert.



If you are wondering, the outlet located right in front of Cold Storage in Sunway Piramid. If you know where Parkson is, go down the excalator you get to see them right away. Very easy to located. Just incase it helps, I’ll provide the outlet details in a bit. Anyway, I just have to comment on the nice and cozy arrangement of the restaurant. Glad that I am able to enjoy thai street food with the existance of air cond. haha.. Can easily bring kids or parents to enjoy yummy food as well.


Mr. Tuk Tuk Sunway Pyramid

Location : LG2.27 Sunway Pyramid (in front of  Cold Storage)

Contact : 03-5612 5738


Instagram: @mrtuktuk_my



Pic Credit : Feeqsays


Pic Credit : AyueIdris

Before I end this post, here are our happy pic. Rest assured that out tummy were happy to too! If you would like to try out a nice thai street food dont forget to check them out k? You might be bumping into me as well hahaha.. Thank you for reading this up and have a good day!







* This post is brought to you by Mr.Tuk Tuk.  I spent personal time and put in personal effort on this blogpost. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me/paid for me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. what are you doing illy? now I have to go and try them out too LOL thai food is just my weakness.

  2. Looks delicious, especially the pad thai <3


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