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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I think at certain point of life, we tend to upgrade our life style or get caught up so obsess about something. Something we end up doing things we didn’t really used to before and all that. To make it simplified just want to share my current habit and hopefully it will inspire you too! Well, today I would like that share with you few things/area that I decided to focus more on currently:

Eating Healthy

I believed that our physical body is one of the precious gifts given by our god to us and it is our duty to take care of it. I tend to eat more vegetables and fruits nowadays as it improved my digestion. My skin has been enjoying my fiber intake and the natural vitamins. I noticed my skin become wayyyy better, complexion improved and I felt happier as well. I don’t have scientific parameters to show it in numbers or convert it into a graph. What I could say is that, maybe because I know I have been giving the best nutrients for my body it made me happy mentally.

I tried my best to encourage my daughter and my family members to consume non-processed food. Hopefully they will enjoy all the benefit as well. It gave me a shock when I found out the amount of nasty stuff including MSG and artificial sugar they put in children’s food. Then again, I do not judge others who decided to let their kids to try all out because maybe they did not come across such information and after all every parents want the best for their kids.

Spending Quality time with family

This has been in my yearly goal ever since I could remember. As I grow older I realize what truly matters. I don’t want to wake up and regret not doing it sooner. Since, I have only 4 weekends a month and around 48 weekends a year. I want to ensure that I fully utilized it with people who matter most. Especially having a toddler and that I am currently pregnant with my second child, just want to ensure that I appreciate the moments given for grantis by my creator and I should not be taking it for granted.

Binaural beats

I am new to this. However, personally found it to be sooo amazing. There are many types of binaural beats some are created to give you better focus, better sleep and improve overall mood. I realized the more I incorporated binaural beats into my life the better I felt. They are available for free on YouTube and there are so many ranges you can choose from. You have to enjoy them with a head sets to get the optimum result. It is all about frequencies, I mean the universe way of communicating is directly frequencies. I don’t want to get too deep into this. Just sharing that this is my new habit and I think it could be beneficial for me to share it with you all.


Video Editing

I am planning to learn and upgrade my video editing skill. Some moments are best to be share in video instead of writing about it on a blog. I have been uploading lots of family trip to keep them as memories in my YouTube page. I want to capture my daughter growth and check out happy times whenever I feel that I need a motivation. Just thinking it would be great to learn more editing skill to convey my message better. Life is about continuous learning right?

Organic and Plant based beauty products and cosmetics

Being a part time beauty blogger for many years, I come across many types of products under the sun. As I learn more about products, I decided to opt for better option for myself, my family and for environment. I mean not like I am banning all chemical products but if I come with 2 choices of products that do the same thing, I would tend to pick the one that does not do animal testing and derived from plant based. Found it to be kinder to my skin. Currently loving Jurlique skin care as they are plant based. (They even have their own farm!!)


I know I should reduce my caffeine intake since I am pregnant. However, I come across many non-caffeine type of tea. I am currently loving flower based tea, green tea my top favorite is rose tea. All you need to do just get your organic tea bag and shimmer it with hot water and enjoy a nice relaxing tea. I also love the “bao bao tea” also known as eight treasure tea. Loving all the good natural nutrients it comes with as well.

That’s about it today. Thank you for reading this up. Hopefully it inspire you in some way or maybe you have been doing it all these while and bammm we found common interest haha.. What about you? What are your current routine? Would be happy to find new intersting habit. Till next blogpost, dont forget to take it easy and smile!


  1. Agreed with you, family always comes first no matter what <3

  2. Sedih pulak bila i browsed to my older post..2 years ago tgk gmbar anak masa baby2 lagi..huwaaa cepat nya masa berlalu


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