Blooming with illy 4.0 | Raya Edition |

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

How are you? Hope you are doing great. Today, I just want to share with you my happiness over hosting Blooming with illy 4.0 the Raya Edtion. Actually, it was supposed to be my farewell before my family moves abroad. However, LIFE as unpredictable as it can be. It turned out for the best and it turns out to be a Raya gathering instead. 

I am so humbled to be blessed with so many nice people around me. As mention in our of my Instagram earlier, the people in this picture are the people I love and care about so much. Some of them I've known ever since I was seven years old, some I have worked together with on blogging and also my corporate career. There are also people in this picture that I can finally meet offline after knowing each other online for quite a while. Some of them, I cried together with, some I come running to whenever I am facing life difficulties. Thank you for being an important part of my life. Thank you for excepting myself who is full of flaws. Most important of all, thank you for wanting to see the best side of me even when I am not always deserving. I love and appreciate each one of you a lot. I wish I can host more people to express my gratitude over. I will try to work harder to host more and more blooming so we can continue growing together. 

Let's talk about food first hahaha... you got to try this Maldon Seasalt Butterscotch Cookies, super sedap! I tried it during CNY and then end up ordering like 20 bottles for my workmate. So glad that my guest gets to try them out too. 

Event is hosted at
Upperhouse Bangsar Kuala Lumpur. One of my favorite Cafe, they make the most creative and delicious dessert you can ever experience. My heart was so full when Sue Lynn from Rhombus Consulting reach out. Thank you so much for all of your arrangement. Also great thanks to Hana and Nabila for working overtime in order to make sure everything goes smoothly at the event the other day. Three of you are rare gems! 

My kids are overjoyed for obvious reason when they saw those Chocolate Pralines. 

Look at that, Zebra cake. It is the prettiest zebra cake I 've even seen and also tasted so moist and yummy. You can only get them from Upperhouse haha..  

Thank you to Chef Gerard and the whole team of Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar for working hard before, during and after the event. Thank you for giving your best with so much love. All the food taste amazing because of the people behind it. I will share more details shortly, about the dishes served and also their package if you are interested to host an event here. 

Meet Yaya Natsumi  such a sweetheart, Thank you for coming over Yaya, can finally meet super cute Dahlia and your husband after knowing you for years. Yaya is one of the kindest blogger friends that I am blessed enough to cross path with. 

Jessie!! Your Orange kebaya so pretty lah... Look so cantik on you. I am glad I can finally meet you in person. Thank you so much for coming over. Arigato!! Please come and join the next blooming, would love to meet you over and over again. Take care!  

Did I mention that it was actually Hana's birthday when we hosted the event?  So sweet of her to be there and be dedicated even it is her special day. Thank you so much, I  am so touched and greatly appreciate it. Did you see the big ball of happiness in the picture? It is called Rocher Experience. I totally suggest for anyone you want to release their stress to try them out. HAHAHA 

Not only they are made out of high-quality chocolate, but you may also smack all your stress away!! Once you smack the Rocher, this is what you will get. A ball of chocolate filled with even more goodness, do expect homemade hazelnut ice cream (so nice can die) and also the fizzy pop. So much sensation the moment you have your first bite. It tasted out of this world and it literally pops in your mouth. You can get this for only RM30 and the portion is big enough for you to share within 2 - 3 pax. 

I think I haven't meet Salina for more than 8 years, the last time I meet her when I was working in YTL and I am so thankful that she is willing to make time to meet me even with her hectic schedule as a mum and a dedicated engineer. Thank you for making time, love! Please feel free to come over with your hubby and two gorgeous kids next round. Take care. Feel so good to be able to hug a kind person that you haven't meet for nearly a decade. 

So cute!! Meet Harveyzeus and Theodyeus cute little boys of my friend Angel Kee. Look how cute they both look in baju melayu. So happy to finally get to meet Angel offline after knowing her for a while on instagram. This is what I love about living in the digital world. We get to make friends online, get to know them as a person and learn from their life journey. Thank you so much, Angel, for coming over with your husband and beautiful your family. Hope to see all of you again very soon.  

From the left back, meet Laura. Thank you so much for coming over with your handsome little man and your hubby Nic. Always a pleasure to meet all of you. Thank you for coming over, I will redeem the lunch that we plan to have hahaha... Take care!! 

The one in beautiful peach tudung is Kak Yatie from Suprise Me Seven Days  Thank you for the beautiful orchid, love it so much. It is our first time meeting each other hope not to be the last time. Look forward to catching up with you very soon. 

Next to Kak Yatie is Angel Kee, she has the sweetest smile.  The front in Pink is Ksarie. I am so glad I get to meet Ksarie once again. Do check out her blog here  I think she has a great talent in writing and loves her loving vibe. Thank you for coming over kak! Then we have the beautiful Mira, thank you for being there ever since Blooming 1.0, I honestly appreciate it a lot and not sure how can I can afford to return back your kindness. Do check out her Mira's insta for makeup inspirations and also her blog

From the left, we have Hana, Nabila and also their professional and charismatic lady boss, Sue Lynn. Thank you so much ladies for working hard in arranging and coordinating with Upperhouse Kitchen and Dessert Bar. Cant never thank all of you enough. If you are looking for a social media consultation then do reach out to them k? I am pretty sure you will be in a good hand. 

This table is filled with hot lady yawwww... Most importantly, all of them are my super sweet blogger peers turn good friend. We have sis Kelly Chin from Sunshine Kelly blog wearing bling bling baju raya. Can always count on her on looking pretty, do check out her insta and also blog and be prepared to get inspired. She smiles all the time and also very cheerful. Right across sis Kelly is Carol Lam from Roll with Carol , do check out her blog for lots of beauty review and sneak peek behind the event she attended. I have many great experiences working with Carol and hope the friendship we have last for as long as it could. 

Beside Carol we have the pretty mummy Rane Chin, can you believe she has 2 daughters? She looks like she is in her early twenties haha.. Must be all the beauty products she used and also her kind heart that makes her ageless! Thank you for coming over, Rane.

In front of Rane is Sarah Mai, the small and hot fashionista! hehe.. Do check out her insta and IGTV for fashion tips, she shared lots of styling tips on there, dont miss it k? Thank you for coming over, Sarah. Appreciate it so much. I know most of you are tired after work but still come to this humble event. THANK YOU. 

Then we have the love of my life and my first born daughter. My second daughter must have been somewhere enjoying some yummy chocolate hahaha... Thank you to my husband for the endless support, for the love he poured. As mentioned before, he is not keen with my idea to host blooming as a "number" person he don't see the ROI of me pouring so much time and effort into hosting it. However, it makes me happy and because of that, he gives his all to help me out. I can never thank him enough. 

Meet my blogger friend Ruby and her beautiful family. Her loving and kind husband Naim. She has two sons Adam and Alif both very well behaved boys! Thank you for being a wonderful friend to me, Ruby. Thank you for being supportive of all of my humble initiative and for inspiring me not to give up. She is one of the most experienced people in the blogging world have it has been a pleasure working together with all this while. Do check out her blog for parenting tips, travel tips and many more! 

Here we have Elena, Alice and Azwar. Do you know that Elena is the first friend I had in primary school? Yes, we started when we just 7 years old. Thank you for not giving up on me Elena, thank you for accepting all my flaws and for being such a wonderful childhood friend. May not say this often but I do love and appreciate you so much. Beside Elena we have Alice!! We work together for more than 5 years went for 5 company trip together hahaha and she is one of the most talented designers I know. She loves traveling and has the most ''comel'' tattoo of a paper plane on her wrist. Thank you so much for coming, Alice. I hope you have a good time and please come and join again next time! 

Then we also have the pretty lady Azwar, it is my first time meeting Azwar in real life. She is a lifestyle blogger, such a sweet person to talk to and always smiling. Thank you for making time, Azwar. Hope to see you again at a future event. I am so glad that we can finally meet each other offline. 

I can't believe I didn't take a selfie with DIYA!!! OMG!! Diya is the pretty lady in pink. God knows how much I love her. What I love about the blogging world is that it allow me to meet so many souls that end up being my good friend. Diya is one of them that I cherished. I learn so much from her. She has a very giving heart, went through a big struggle in life but still keep a smile on her face. Such a strong person and I am so thankful to have her as my friend. 

In that beautiful orange kebaya is Jessie Koo from Malaysian do check her blog for parenting tips and much more. Thank you for spending your time with us the other day Jessie. Love your vibe and warm hugs. Hope to see you more often! 

The pretty lady in pink is Salina we used to work together in YTL around 8 years ago in Network department. Se is so nice and I'm so happy to be able to see her again after many years. Thank you so much for making time, Salina. 

Then we have Yaya Natsumi posing with her peace sign. Yaya is such a sweet person. Those who knew her would testify the same. She spread out love and cheerfulness everywhere she goes. I am so glad to finally be able to meet her cute daughter Dahlia and also her husband Shaz. Thank you for coming over, Yaya. Your presence surely makes the event merrier. 

Farah is a familiar face in my blog hahaha... I have always loved her vibe ever since from her PR agency days. She is the kind of person who gives her all, willing to go the extra mile for any task or project. Any company that has her in its team in is totally lucky. Thank you for your love for the trust and for believing in my course. She just came back from her in-laws kampung from up north and went straight to get Guardian products the same night, I am beyond touched. Thank you, Farah, may Allah reward your kindness in million folds. Amin. 

Hi everyone! meet Anna, Choulyin, and Miriam. Thank you so much for your time the other day. Always a pleasure to meet all of you. Hint.. Anna is kind enough to sponsor her homemade soap for the next blooming with illy 5.0, yeay!! Thank you so much for your generosity Anna. Cant wait for the rest to try them out. Also big thanks for the homemade pampering kits that you gave the other day! I have a soft spot for handmade and homemade products because of the love and effort put into it, definitely deserved an appreciation! 

Choulyin is IRON PR lady and also a blogger friend of mine, she has a sweet smile and whenever I saw a book it automatically reminds me of this book worm friend of mine haha.. Also we have Miriam, a boss babe that has great courage to pursue her dream. If you like to know more on how to make money while enjoying life to reach out to her k? 

Last but not least, Claudine. Her heart deserved an award! She is so pure and filled with good intention. Thank you for coming into my life. I have so much to learn from you. I adore her for being such a strong person after she experiences lost in her family and for being such a good daughter to her mum. I would be very grateful if my kids turn out half as nice as her. Claudine and her mum is also generous enough to sponsor homebaked dessert for blooming 5.0, yup she is just sweet like that. I AM SO THANKFUL. 

Kidnap some pictures from Comel's blog haha.. Thank you for coming over even when you are tired Comel. I appreciate it so much. So happy to meet Azriel, he is so lucky to have a strong and kind mum like you. Comel inspire me to be stronger and to take any life challenges in the most optimistic way. Thank you for that. Also meet Charlotte, the kind lady who is always generous with a loving smile. Thank you for coming over both of you powerful lady. Hope to meet all of you again and again. Amin! 

I also like to thank Kak Lily for coming over!! Thank you so much Kak Lily, you are such a wonderful person to be around with. Her laugh and giggles add so much happiness into the room. I love her for being a straight forward person, her heart is in the right place and for that, I am thankful to be her friend. 

Now we are back to the dessert hahaha.. Look at how tempting that Trifle looks. With the cookie stick and the chocolate arghhhh.. I can't believe I had only one the other day. 

Thank you Ksarie for the photos, I didn't manage to take as much picture as I was occupied in making sure all guest are well-taken care of. If you order the Event Package at UH then do expect your drinks to be served in this beautiful glass jar. 

 Picture Credit : Ksarie 

They also have a personalised cookie, soooo cute!! I think it is perfect if you want to order goodies for your event. I think you can also order a customized cookie, but to reach out to UH team for more details k? 

Taaa daaaaa..... The dessert table is so pleasing to my eyes! I love every single attention to details. The setting, the arrangement, and the taste will make your guest smiling wide! 

 Picture Credit : Ksarie 

Here we have the buffet section, the earlier you saw the mocktails, then now we have mushroom soup, fried chicken, salad , roast chicken and also aglio olio. Just in case it helps, allow me to share some details for the event package at UH in case you are interested to host your event there soon. Which I totally recommend especially if you event involved kids because they have kids play area and also a breastfeeding spot. I find it very thoughtful. 

For more details about the package, do message them via instagram  just tell them illy sent you k? 

Big thanks to Guardian Malaysia  and Farah for being blooming sponsor ever since the first blooming. I am beyond grateful. Thank you for blessing all my lovely guest and also Kocostar Malaysia  for the cute mask! Their slice mask is sheet is very innovative and insta-worthy!

We are the end of this post, I would like to also thank my two daughter Sofea and Zandria for helping the team at UH to wrap up after the event. My heart is so full with all the love, the smile and the cheer everyone poured out the other day. I cant wait to start working on the next blooming 5.0 

We are going to do a beach clean up!! Wooot woot! If you like to join the next one, do head on to my insta stories as I will be sharing the link on how to register interest very soon. 

Blooming with illy 5.0 will be hosted on 24 Aug, at 2pm we will be taking a bus trip to Bagan Lalang and do a fun beach clean up. Yeay! It is going to be so much fun, doing our part to clean up, spend time together. As usual, all of my blooming event are family friendly. You can bring your hubby and kids to join the fun. Anyone that is loved by you is loved by me too! Stay tune for more details k? 

In the mean time, do check out Comel's blog, Ksarie's blog and also Charlotte's blog and read about their experinece attending blooming 4.0 Thank you so much ladies for being kind enough to spend time to write them up. Not sure what I have done to deserved so much love by all of you. Forever grateful and hope Almighty will make take a good care of all of you and reward you with so much blessing you can ever think off amin.


  1. Thanks so much Illy for having me in your always lovely #BloomingWithIlly gathering! Thank you for always being warm and caring to all your invited guests, I feel honored to know you and looking forward to meet up with you and your lovely family soon :)

  2. Terima kasih daun keladi Illy sebab sudi invite ksarie dan superheroes dua orang tuh ke event #bloomingwithilly 4.0. Always a wonderful and sweet host, hope to meet you and your family soon during #bloomingwithilly 5.0. Hugs and kisses. Take care k


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