How do I celebrate my birthday?

Huhu... my birthday falls on last Saturday 17th April 2010 =)

Well as for a start, my friend enma and her fiancée came to my house to give me a cute rabbit, then I decided to gave the rabbit to my Dad..even though i really love to have the rabbit as pet but i believe with my hectic pluss crazy schedule i just cant afford it.. nanti sian rabbit tu kekurangan asih sayang .. cukup la 2 ekor meow meow bersama empat ekor anaknya yang comel.. (name dirahsiakan nanti ade org muntah darah)

my cake <3 illy <3

my dad

faten and hafiz

selepas habis cake di mamam

Ok next, esok tengah hari pergi celebrate dgn ayah kat Saba Restaurant.. seperti biasa makan makanan arab.. well my dad love arab food might be because of his heritage =)

Then, ayah bagi 2 ticket of to an Orchestra Show “The Finnish Legend” at Philharmonic KlCC.. awesome! Sayang ayah...

Then later after that.. Johan bring to nice Dinner =)

Teka kat mane ni?

Thanks it.. itu saja saya nak membebel... enjoy the pic!


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