Lamborghini vs Tractor

Apr 3, 2010

Harini ily nak share skit extra info..

Korang tau tak bahawa owner lamboghini start his business camner?

Die pembuat tractor actually.. cayer tak? betul ni fatcs you could ask Mr.Google if dont trust me =)

Selain dari pandai buat tractor, mamat ni pun teror buat gas heater and air conditioning...

So from tractor to Lambor.. huhu for me thats very cool!

the ferari guys could say = i have a great sport car...

but the Lambor guys could say = we have a great sport car.., and we also have tractor huhuhuhu.. beat that!

p/s = ily maybe mampu beli tractor die je la.. what eva pun it is still Lamborghini..

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