No one can hold me now, Im gonna touch the sky =)

Sangat bersyukur atas nikmat yg dikuriniakan oleh Tuhan..

I felt so blessed. Looking back 5 years ago today I’m am a different person or in other word I improved..

Not 100% different la kan.. but in a good way, why did I said so?

1) My skin is super better than before, my complexion is satisfactory.

2) I have lovely love circles which include my besties, my bf my family closer to me than ever.

3) I am climbing corporate stair, slowly step by step. Promise myself to focus on my career.

4) I feel happier with my life now, there is always up and down.. but it feel great now that because I know even if I fall, I have people behind me who will definitely grab me from falling harder.

5) I am happy because I’m getting married next year, I will go through another exciting phase of my life.

6) I’m more matured about controlling my emotion. I’m coping to let my brain decide not my heart.

7) I’m enjoying life and all the small details that come with it.

8) At the peak of my age, I am grateful that I have a target in life and I have a plan on how to arrive at the target.

9) Less family affair.

10) (i’ll keep this one blank because there is always a room for more improvement)

To all the readers (if there is any) I wish that all of us, try to be a better person everyday.. not drastically but bit by bit =)

Well I’m writing as I speak in my heart so do expect typos =)


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