things that i love and things that IRRITATE me =P

Thing that i love

1) Ice Cream - after 5 choc mint,rainbow caramel,mad about choco

2) Cat/butterfly/rabbit

3) Rainbow

4) Laughing/gardening/sewing/swimming/painting

5) Family,my bro my bf, my close friends ,my students hugs!

6) High heels

7) Pink/purple/white/blue

8) Glitters

9) Micheal Buble

10) tiny things/ miniature

Things that IRRITATE me

1) people who speak toooo LOUD

2) Que - sangat benci beratur!

3) people who bite their nails in public

4) people with under develop brain who did not know how to use self control/cry easily/get mad easily

5) PERASAN BAGUS, sgt allergic huhuhu doesn't anyone educate them that compliment are suppose to be given by others.. Self proclaim sgt menjijikan Euwww! Euwww! golongan in adalah golongan SS atau dikenali sebagai "Syok Sendiri"

6) animal testing (sgt evil org yg buat ni)

7) littering

8) bersepah or berhabuk place

9) nyamuk/cicak/lipas

10) hantu/cerita seram


  1. people who bite their nails in public

    illy rindu bangat sama kamu!@!

  2. huhuhuuh i miss you more cik Hel!!


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