hurm.. after a while..

after doing so many mistake in life.. i decided to become a better person..

next week insya Allah ada perubahan yang akan ily lakukan... big change in term of my appearance =)

i am well aware of the consequence and judgement.. but i have my choice =)

i want to be a better person. semua org pun nak jd better person kan?

this is not to satisfy anyone.. I am doing this because I want to do it..

actually banyak factor yg affect my decision.. I seek for the truth.. I watch so many youtube video, read so many notes and journal.. it have been in front of my eyes all the while and why did i tend to ignore it?

Alhamdulilah Tuhan buka mata ily..

Selama ni sembahyang tak cukup.. I promise to myself that i will pray 5 times a day from now on..

selama ni buta kejar dunia je.. I promise to myself to also full fill my "true" goal..

this will come in stages.. but as for now there are few thing that i wanted to do..

1) remove/hide my photos in my fb
kenape ily nak buat camni? sebab setiap satu helai rambut dosanya bagi org yg bukan muhrim tengok Masya Allah dashyat sangat2.. jadi setiap kali org tgk pic ily (dah la rambut lebat) berape banyak ily buat dosa? gambar dlm fb tuh 24hours available to public? so am i making dosa every second even when i sleep?

2) im going to spread more positiveness in life.. i do seriously understand how small contribution this is but it takes one small step to finish a journey..

3) I am going to learn more about my religion, i want to be a better person spiritually..

4) nak update post2 lame kat blog ni

5) i want to be a good daughter and a good sister.. insya Allah next year i will have to opportunity to be a good wife as well..

wish me all the best ya! and ignore the typo =)


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