Tomorrow will the the last day of year 2010

So many things happened during this year.. ade yg manis ada yg masam ada yang pahit ade yg kelat pun ada.. but the most important part I survived =)

Alhamdulilah dipanjang usia oleh Allah untuk menikmati tahun 2010..

Looking back last year at this kind of moment, today I am a more matured woman.. I grew up a lot mentally ( badan pun grew gak)

Next year I will try my best to

1) Worry less

2) Smile more

3) Accept critism

4) Take responsibility

5) Listen & Love more


7) Embrace change

8) The most important part “FEEL GOOD ANYWAY”

Tahun 2011, Insya Allah akan jadi antara tahun yang bermakna dalam hidup, I will step futher in my life phase. Tahun 2011 ini akan menyaksikan ily bakal bergelar tuning orang dan pada bulan Nov 2011 ily bakal menjadi isteri serta menantu. Gelaran2 ini membawa cabaran baru dalam hidup, tanggungjawab akan lebih bertambah..

I pray to Allah to give me courage to go through all this. Hope fully it would a year to be remembered all my life.


  1. Reading this post, on 19th aug 2013. you made it illy :)

  2. you did amazing!!! im illy from 2021. OMGGG i just went to check my blog and saw this post and got curious, i totally forgotten that I've even wrote this.

    Illy you did great, you have a wonderful healthy loving relationship with your husband, you ditch many fake friends, you learned to say no, you learn to be kind yet firm. You have great boundaries.

    You have 2 happy healthy beautiful children. Two daughters actually. They are loving, kind and smart too!

    You have your own business now. You are making 6 digits a year pushing for 7 digits. You able to share your rezeki with many people. You take care and employ team member. You afford to donate and take care of 29 school + orphanage and single parents.

    I would like to thank you for all the hardwork and persistency to allow me to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


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