What happen when I switch off my TV and Laptop

I use to whine about how little time I have considering the amount of things I have to do, well guess what today I decided to switch off my TV and miracle happen =)

tetibe je I have enough time to do all the things below during weekday night:

1) to do my pedicure on my own

2) I have enough time to do my hair mask routine

3) and the best part I even have time to reorganize my wardrobe...

macam tak percaya kan? wait for the best part...

I did this all in two hours time huhuhuhu cayalah =)

Rupe2nyer all this while, the whining habit of 'ala.. tak sempat' is just because sometime I am too lazy to get my body off the sofa =) hahhaa

p/s : this might be very lame, but sometime I guess my tv is actually chewing my precious time slowly and unconsciously .... hahahaha


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