Apa yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah..

Im still young =) nak sedapkan hati
There are so many doors to be opened, and I'm not afraid to look behind them. At the moment I felt more adventures than ever.

I am really grateful that I am blessed enough to understand and embrace this. I do understand that it’s not easy to do good things. Considering that negativity act seem to provide more pleasure and fun.

Mostly like sugar and cigarette: people told you that it’s bad for your health but you just can’t be able to leave it alone. However in the long run, the consequence is still there.. Depending on the impact size.. Some lucky people might be able to escape but not all.

This is a metaphor of my situation. Honestly speaking, I really have my heart torn out when I try to take the first step. By facing forward and sometime with tears, I move step by step.. Trying to look forward and act strong.

At night, I remind myself that I am a tough cookie and I will be able to get trough anything =)


  1. To my dear Illy, put your head high and walk tall ok. Whatever it is...to achieve in life ..to be a great person there are things and people to bring you down. Its just one of those things dear....no matter what this is YOUR LIFE...you decide..good or bad the sweet or bitter its yours to taste...am always here should you need anything.. :)


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