Bumped into a “Naga” and I ate that fella away! Roar!! (yes – true story)

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

You know what? I tried one of the spiciest chillis in the world and I survived! Haha yes.. Last weekend, I was invited by Nuffnang to join this Spicy Challenge Event sponsored by Cool Tea that was hosted at Chili Rush.

Honestly, I came to the restaurant before during my farewell party of my ex company. I remembered how ‘ganas’ is their chili before and to come once again after 3 years it bring so much excitement. Hahaha.. Arigato to Cool Tea for hosting the event. I had so much spicy fun. At the event we were introduced to the Cool Tea range since it helps to combat spiciness.. So ngam right? Have you tried them before? Sedap weyh rugi kau tak try.

They have few range actually now but my favourite would be the Teh Herba (blue bottle) version.  Living in Malaysia, it would be almost a sin if you don’t try out spicy food.. My husband and I LOVE spicy food. Actually all kind of food we never discriminate hahaha but we do have a special soft spot for spicy food. What to do Asian kan? Haha

Sometime memang tak tahan, like will kebas bibir and good to know that we could pair our spicy food session with Cool Tea as it helps to cool you off after the meal. The secret is behind the 8 different herbal extracts – liquorice root, lotus leaf, honeysuckle and chrysanthemum flower, selfheal, grosvenor momordica fruit, mulberry leaf and mesona chinensis.

Chewah macam berani sangat pegang bole la kan? Hahaha At the event we were also given a signature drink that came in the glass shot as in the picture and I only try a sip. Johan managed to habiskan if I am not mistaken. He definitely have higher spicy tolerance than me  haha

After the introduction session for Cool Tea, we head down to makan. I am like okay not bad not so pedas can tahan.. still okay not as spicy also like this level  can la.. no issue.. Guess what? That is our dinner not the real challenge yet! Hahaha  If you see the Scoville Scale our Cili padi is not even the paling pedas okay?  Informative right? Plenty types of Chili in the world and some people really passionate about cili that they came up with this? Impressive I must say

For the main challenge we we given not level 1 not level 2.. but level 10 terus hambik kau! Expert level terus hahaha I could proudly say I survived eating a NAGA. Not real naga but close enough, my mouth almost keluar api like naga on that day. Super pedas.. We tried the Naga Jolokia Chili which has the 855,000 kepedasan omg! I am not kidding seriously; you go and try it for yourself. They even have in house challenge where those able to finish it within certain time period will get a reward and also your face will be featured on the Hall of Fame!

We were divided into few groups and then compete against each other who able to eat the most chicken coated with the chili within 1 minute. My husband and I kalah teruk. Congrats Mahadi for winning the round! Hahaha Actually we do take a video if you want to check out. Thanks Norhidayu for helping us to capture.

And this my friend is the KING of KEPEDASAN this is not the level 10 chilli that we tried during the first session. This is level 100 hahah omg I still remember the moment the waiter usher the dish to the table. We can even smell the spiciness from a far. That’s how powerful it is. This was served to all the winners for the first round as the winners we brought to the next challenge where they have to compete against each other to find the ULTIMATE Pedas winner.

Honestly, SALUTE! I would have chicken out but instead of doing that they went in and accept the challenge! Congrats!!  Takpe.. we got Cool tea kan?  hehe

I had a great time at the event, socializing with blogger peers and their friends. This time around we are given a green light to bring a plus 1 and of coz I have to bring my ex-bf which is my husband currently (hopefully forever haha).  Thanks love for being there for me and for accepting the pedas challenge together. Muah muah muah.. okay fine please don’t muntah.. Give me chance la k?

Okay tu jer la nak cerita this time around. Just like to share my experience at the Spicy Challenge Event by Cool Tea. Thank you once again for dropping by at my humble blog and for all of your kind support.

 N yes, don’t forget to try out Mamee Cool Tea! You can easily find it at any 7-Eleven stores, Aeon, Tesco, The Store, Giant, Aeon Big, Econsave, KK Mart, Shell and Mydin. 
Also don’t forget to check out their social media site for more details and update!

Belum habis yet… hahaha ending this post with our group pic. This group pic credit to : Mamee Cool Tea

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