Places I want to visit at the Wonderful Indonesia

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

How are you? Like always, I hope everything is going awesome at your end. If it is not, dont worry you come to the right place. Allow me to share with you one of my wanderlust and hopefully it will inspire you to plan you own vacation as well. After all, life is about enjoying the journey as mush as you can right? I mean after all the hard work you have done, you deserve to enjoy life as well. hehe Remember that the world is like a very thick book and those who travel definitely read more than one page.

Just go out there, recharge and come back to work with higher motivation that ever. You might have guessed with the tittle of this post that the location I am talking about is the Wonderful Indonesia. Yes.. our beautiful sister country.Since Indonesia is very big in general, and if I was given an option to pick top 3. Then I would settle for Bali, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. Will share with you why right after this. 

I mean how could I not visit Bali? It jive with me and my little family. We love the ocean so much that we wish one day we could afford to have a home right beside the beach hahaha.. Check the video below, you will totally understand why. The place is just amazingly beautiful. 

The water is just beautiful. Remind me of the smell of the salt from the ocean. The breeze and the thought of hanging around playing sand castle with my little family just bring a big smile of my face. 
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Since my husband and I also love the nature it would be awesome to visit Yogyakarta. The place is not only stunning but also rich with cultural history. It will be a great educational trip for my little daughter as well. I have made a pledge to teach as much about the world to my little girl by exploring its beauty. 

Seriously, check out how mesmerizing the place is 

Yes you are right that is Juliana evans! Look the amount of fun she had at Yogyakarta with the historic building and highland scenery. One of my work mate is going to Yogyakarta with her family and I can just feel the excitement. If I am her, will definitely take millions of pictures to bring home! 

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Last but not least is the Jakarta. The city that will keep you occupied. The is so many things to do and to experience in Jakarta. It is the main city of Indonesia! Great theme parks, the food and just about everything is awesome there! 

Tasha Shila and her friends capture this video and it it just very tempting hahaha It makes me feel like I need to book my ticket now hahaha Anyway, if you check out the wonderful indonesia tourism website you can see the glimpse of the country and it is filled with information you need to do before arriving. 

So, ya.. we are at the end of this post and hope that you find this post helpful if you are in the mod to plan your next holiday. I have to go now ( straight to planning mine hahaha). Thank you for dropping by at my humble page, dont forget to take it easy and smile! 

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  1. omg cantik i pernah pergi bali and i dont mind coming again.

    1. kannnnnn? rindu betul la pergi pantai instantly felt relax n happy. tengok video pun dah rasa cam ish cepat la nak pergi ni hahaha

  2. Bestnyaa klo dpt pergi hehe �������� #vacation

  3. Looks lovely for a anniversary trip, maybe? hehe =P


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