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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Do you have any hair loss problem? or hair thinning or just want to ensure that your hair is at the healthiest point? I have a prodcut to share with you. Recently, I joined the BIOTHIK Active 21 Days Challange and would love to share with you my personal input on it. Also did a video incase you want to check out more of the product and we had such a great time filming. Great thanks to my husband, my bro and my daughter sofea for being part of the video infront and behind camera hehe. The video will up online on my youtube channel by tomorrow. Do check it out k?

Let’s start with the first step of hair care. It is definately the shampoo and conditioner. I have tried BioTHIK Protien Keratinized Cleanser and Protein Keratinized Conditioner for the 21Days Challange and even my husband join the challange as well. He is such a sport haha.. Below is how the product look like.


It comes in a tube of 200ml each and costing at RM49.00 each and if you buy from their website now you may get it at only Rm39.20 I’ll provide the link to the retail website towards end of this post. Back to the product, each of them do not contain any PEG, SLS/SLE, Paraben and even Glycol Free. This is one of the main reason why I love using their product. It makes me feel safe knowing that it does not contain harsh chemical. The Proteirn Keratinized Cleanser (Shampoo) is formulated with fruit acid and this will help to improve scalp cell renewal and also increase the resistance against dryness. I personally love the smell of the shampoo. I find it to be sooo theraputic! After using the shampoo I also pair it with the conditioner. Protien Keratinized Conditioner is formulated with mongongo oil and carob tree oligopeptides. Both of the active ingridients will aid to form a protective film and improve hair texture.

My hair felt very airy after the application. It does not limp my hair. My hair felt so much healthier even after the first wash which make it quite addictive to use over and over again haha



The next step of 21 Days Challange is the BioTHIK Active Tri-Active System ACTIVE RECOVERY. Which consist a scalp serum for him and for her. I’ll explain later what the different between both product. I must say, the product makes your scalp skin felt so fresh.I like to put it on my scalp right after I blow dry my hair. Yes, since I am wearing hijab I tend to air dry or blow dry my hair before wearing my tudung. The Folliplus Factor - for Him are ormulated with natural pea peptide that serves as stem cell activator, fight against Male Pattern Baldness by inhibiting TGF-ß1 in dermal papilla cells.  Exactly what my husband need hahaha..


Do you know about the big M? The M on the forehead hair line? Yes, that is the sign of baldness and my poor husband got one. (p/s: If you are reading this, just want you to know that I still love you dearly with or without hair! haha). This scalp serum for him are supposed to promote hair growth, prolong hair growth phase period and also reduce hair loss. This product is currently retailing at RM 130 per bottle but if you purchase now it is only RM104.

As for me, I tried Folliplus Factor for Her. It is designed with apple stem cell that improve the viability and healthiness of skin stem cells, tackling Female Pattern Baldness. I dont see any sign of baldness on my hair (THANK GOD!) however I do experience hair thinning. I personally like the light texture of the scalp serum and I favour the cooling sensation it gave when ever I put it on my scalp. The minty smell of the product also makes it more interesting. All you need to do is just put the product on our scalp and massage it in. Folliplus Factor for Her normal priceis also RM130 and like the men version, it is currently on sale for RM104 if you it from their website.



These 2 products are the most magical out of all. why do I say so? Because it could increase hair volume within 30 seconds. Yes, I am not even joking. The Hair Building Fiber act as a temporary yet very quick solution to give volume to your hair while the rest of the range aid to repair your hair condition. If you have any spot baldness or hair thinning and looking for most effective and fast solution these two product are a must have, Hair Building Fiber need to be used together with the Fiber locking mist as it work hand in hand.



Hair Building Fiber are available in 11 shades so you could match it with your hair colour. Mine is in shade Black. I tried putting it on my husband hair and it works. The only thing is since my husband cut his hair super short it will take so much product to cover the his hold head haha.. But I hope you can see that it does work.


Here I have a better picture of how the product work. Picture captured during product demostration that I attended last year. See how it help to cover the spot baldness? Instant impressive result.


Okay, like mentioned earlier.. you need to use the Fiber Locking Mist right after the hair fiber to lock all the fiber in place. Not only it will add shine to the fiber, it will also hold the fiber and making it looks natural as it can be. This will help to protect your scalp from the UV rays. Incase you are interested Active Care Hair Building Fiber costing RM 79 (you can get it now at RM 63.20 if buy from their website) and the Active Care Fiber Locking Mist cost RM 49 (you can get it now at RM 39.20 if buy from their website).



Here is the picture of all the product texture. The Fiber Locking Mist, Folliplus Factor for Him and also her dones not really shown in the picture because they are transparent as the water. I wish I have a better device to capture it for all of you. However, if you want to see it more clearer do check out the video that I will be uploading on my youtube channel k?

We are the end of this post. I would definately recommend this product for those who want a healthy hair as it does what it claim on top using only the best and safe ingridients. Thank you so much for reading my humble blog. Appreciate your time and I will my best to improve from time to time to share more interesting discoveries of products and services that actually work.


As promised, you may buy them online here  :


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