My Confinement Experience at KIMPORO Postnatal Center


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I am writing this on my bed in the middle of the night during my last few days staying here at Kimporo Postnatal Center. Will be checking out in the next 3 days. As mentioned earlier, in my other post and my family and I decided to spend 2 weeks of my confinement journey here. As promised, here is my experience at Kimporo Postnatal Center. Let’s start shall we? 

Kimporo Postnatal Center is located at Level 6 & 7, 30A, Menara Ruyi, Lorong Kapar, Jalan 2/87G, Off Jalan Syed, Putra, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can easily waze or use google map to get to the location. The whole building is tailored for confinement need. They have restaurant, cafe, baby center, hair salon, spa, facial place, guest house and even car wash in the same building. They thought of everything!


I check in 3 days after I gave birth, right after being released by my doctor from Tropicana Hospital. Upon arrival, I was given a briefing my Linda. She is one of the nurses that work here at Kimporo. I was informed of the house rules, the visiting hours from 9am – 10pm, also the maximum of 4 guest could come in at a time, Thank you Linda for being very welcoming. She also took my blood preassure reading upon arrival. 


This is the utility area, the room have a baby changing area, with dustbin, a small fridge and also a small pantry area. Do you know that once you check in to Kimporo, you dont have to worry about your baby clothes? As they provide all baby needs from top to toe to be used in house. There are swaddle, cloth diaper, baby clothes and also cotton to be dipped in water to clean up after baby. Parents are encouraged to clean up after baby but if you need help, expecially in the early stages of recovering, nurses are always happy to change your baby’s diaper when ever needed. They also gave your baby a bath on every morning.




This is how the bathroom look like. I like the fact  that the bathroom is inside the room, that it is non sharing basis because I felt it to be more private and it gave the feeling of staying in a hotel. Kimporo also provide toileteries and it is all organic. Yeay for that!! The bath room came with hair dryer as well.


Inside the cabinet, there is a bathrobe, a safety box, face towels and also free size disposable mesh panties. My husband I and were also given a pair of slippers each to be used within the compound. I have to mention that my baby’s laundry and mine were well taken care off as well.


This is how our bed look like. Very comfy, I spent many good night sleep on this bed. They also will be giving out 4 units of GETHA Latez pillow upon checking out for every mothers that stay more than 14 days here at KIMPORO.  I love that they gave us the hygienic assurance as every new mothers will get a new set once check-in. If you noticed, there is a nursing pillow provided too.



There is also an air purifier in the room! How awesome right? It ensure a clean air free from germs, all day long for my family.


This is the welcome gift. It contained products for both mummy and baby. My top favourite is the Nursing Salve, it actually help me to cope with the demand of nursing a newborn. Thank you for being thoughtful.


If you stay here at Kimporo, each day you will be provided with a herbal bath. You see the two flask there? Inside the flask is herbal water. You can just pour it in the pail provided also there is a chair in the bathroom. So, you can seat down while taking your shower. If you have given birth before, then you might understand that mummy who just gave birth dont have  the energy to stand for a long period having the chair making it easier for mummy to enjoy her shower.


The confinement food here is just marvelous. Like seriously. As I mentioned earlier in my facebook shout out, it actually changed my mindset. I used to think that confinement food are boring and not yummy but here. They are just OMG!

The food are prepared by an award winning chef from Ketuhar Restaurant, a fine dining restaurant located at level 1 in the same building. I am amazed with the taste, food presentation and even the creativity of the chef. During my stay here, there are so many varieties of food being served to me and I have never felt bored of the meal.











Everyday, I am served with healthy meals that include breakfast, snack, lunch, tea time, dinner and supper. All food are nurticious to help speedy healing and good recovery.


I was also given a bottle of fenugreek extract capsule from Nature’s Love. Fenugreek are well known for it’s benefit for breastfeeding. I am very happy to be staying in a confinement center that support my wish to fully breastfeed my baby. Beside my supplement there, you can see a herbal tea. They actually provide a free flow of confinement beverages such as 6-herbs tea, lemon grass- ginger tea and few other type of herbal tea. Drinking enough fluid is important to aid in milk production. I am glad that it is free flow so I get to enjoy it all day long. Beside the tea is a mug contained rice milk. I am served with the rice milk twice a day during my snack time at 10am and also during supper at 10pm. I actually like the rice milk a alot. I think it also help to increase my milk production. As I noticed more milk are yield every time I drink up the rice milk.





Tea time is one of my favourite time!! haha They served yummy tea time meal,you can actually check out more meal that were served on my video towards end of this blogpost. They never even once repeated the menu. Imagine the amount of pictures I took hahaha. I cant be able to show all the pictures here or it will be a super long post.


I also like the tonic soup that were served to me every night at 9pm. At first it taste bitter but I learnt to love it anyhow.  I set up my mind think this tonic soup is great for my body as it will help me to recover better and be healthier. I need to be healthy to be able to take care of my 2 daughters and my husband. By doing that, I managed to finish the tonic soup to the last drop every single night. 



Gina Yong is kind enough to arrange a bird nest soup for me as well. It is the most expensive content in a bowl that I have eaten. I was told that it cost RM280 for this bird nest soup and you are right, I finish it to the very last drop hahaha. Thank you very much for pampering me. Appreciate it so much!



You can opt to enjoy your meal in the privacy of your room or at the dining area just outside of the room if you liketo socialize with other mothers. On top of that, you can also request for your meal to be served at Ketuhar restaurant expecially if you have friends or family visiting. So, you can enjoy your meal together.


The room here are sterilized once a week to kill all the germs to ensure a top notch clean enviroment for baby and mummy.


Everyone here are very friendly, my daughter sofea likes to hang out and play with Kak Tin and all the nurses everytime she came back from school. 




Gina and Mary also helped to arranged 3 session of postnatal massage for me and it is soooo rejuvenating. The session lasted for 2 hours and it involved a nice massage, hot compress (tunku) and also bengkung wearing. That is Kak Dewi, she is a very experience postnatal masseuse have many years of experience and I felt very relax during the session. If you stay here, you can request for postnatal massage depending on your need.



Mary also arranged a facial session for me. The facial was done at level 11th the Zell-V Wellness hub. The place is just stunning. I like the ambiance very much.




This is the treatment room and those are the product used for my facial. The facial was done by Veann. Thank you Veann for such an enjoyable facial session. I like the calming smell of the essential oils used together with jojoba oil during my facial. It is so calming that I am actually tempted to take the package haha.. If you are interested they currently having a promo. Each facial cost RM580 and if you buy 10 session you will get free 10 session. The session you purchase will have no expiry date and you can also bring your friends or mum or mum in law to enjoy the session that you have purchased too. Do contact Veann at 012 536 6822 to find out more if you are interested k?



After the facial, I was given a cell check. I learned so much about  Cell Therapy on that day. They took my blood and put it under the microscope to check the health level of my red blood cells.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-26 at 23.25.21

I like to wash my hair but to be blunt trying to dry it up after a good wash can be such a chore expecially when you dont have the energy to do so. This is where HairWork Wellnessscome in handy. For mothers who are in confinement you can just go to level 5 and enjoy a good wash and blow session. Thank you Kit for having me and also Mary for the arrangement.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-26 at 15.07.10

Meet Kak Tin, she is a very soft spoken lady who make sure that my family stay in a clean room, she also send my meal making sure that I have my meal everyday, on top of that she is the reason my baby and I have clean clothes to wear everyday. Thank you very much Kak Tin. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-26 at 14.41.38

I dont think Gina Yong need any introduction as she is a very famous breast feeding consultant. I am very happy and honoured to be able to meet her in person, here at Kimporo. Gina is actually an in house breastfeeding consultant here.  She is the founder for TBAN group and also writer of Breastfeeding book, on top of that she even run her own confinement center at Gina’s Place confinement centre. She also conduct many workshop involving breastfeeding, you can check out Kimporo facebook to be in the loop of when the next workshop will be held. I learned numerous info from Gina and it really help to make my breastfeeding journey. Some of the info I learned about feeding baby who are less than 3 weeks with spoon fed method instead of bottle so baby wont reject mummy’s nenen and many more tips. I totally recommed for any new parent or even existing parents who looking to gain as much knowlegde to join her workshop. Thank you very much Gina, for being very kind and loving. Appreciate all the guide and advices given during my stay here at Kimporo.


WhatsApp Image 2017-01-26 at 14.41.38 (1)

I also like to thank Mary for all the hardwork in arranging and making my stay here at Kimporo a pleasant experience. Not forgeting Stephanie. She is the in house mid wife here at Kimporo, thank you for all the assistant and the advices as well. I found out that Stephanie’s second child have the exact same birthday as my first daugther sofea. What a coincidence right? haha

Last but not least, I would like to thank all nurses here at Kimporo. Thank you for taking a good care of Zandria. For giving here a good shower every morning, for baby sitting her while mummy need some rest or when mummy sneak out to go for hair wash, facial and enjoying massage! Also thank you for being loving and kind to Sofea.



I would like to conclude that my stay here at Kimporo very pleasant. I would totally recommend anyone I know to invest in a good mental and physical health recovery after giving birth. I honestly did not find anything to complain about my stay as it is a very amazing experience.

If I was given a chance to conceive for the third time, I will totally book a confinement stay here at Kimporo without any hesitant. Anyway, that’s it for today. I hope you find my post some how beneficial in the event that you are looking for confinement center option. Thank you very much for spending your time to read my blogpost and my 2 cents worth of opinion. I have tried my very best to share with you my experience. Hope it helps.

Before I go off, I also did a vlog video of my stay at Kimporo Postnatal Confinement Center, you can check out the video below. Enjoy!





  1. Oh my, they really think of everything except shopping mall, hahaha =D So glad you enjoy your stay there, love your video esp when Sofea kiss Zandria at the end of the video <3 <3 <3

    1. I know right! talking about being thoughtful :) Thank you for bring happy for me and my family always <3 hug!! Sofea like to kiss her sister every time she had a chance :) haha

  2. See you on this Saturday kak .. nampak dah sikit2 muka bdk kecit tu. tk sbr tgk full face dia

    1. Thank you for visiting and for the gift liz 😊😊😊😊

  3. Besttttnyaaa illy, I rasa ni pantang paling menyeronokkan hihi. Moga you cpt sihat dan kuat ya. Kiss for Zandria pls. Take care illy 💜

    1. Alhamdulilah 😊 thank you Diya sebab share happiness 😙 insya Allah so far memang rasa cepat sangat sihat. Take cake juga kim salam hulu balang semua!

  4. Waaaaah.. interesting! I nak pujuk my husband lah macam ni. Next time lepas pregnant nak stay di sini juga

    1. It would be the best investment for your mental n physical health confirm tak menyesal 😊😊😊

  5. Bestnya baca. Good sharing anyway kak illy! Yaya pulak rasa macam berpantang kat sana haha! Selamat berpantang sehingga habis tau! Take care kak illy :*

    1. thank you yaya sudi singgah blog i <3 hehe terima kasih yaya selalu support kak illy hugs! semoga semua urusan yaya pun dipermudahkan amin!! <3

  6. Can we stay couple of days before giving birth?

    1. I think there should be no issue 😊 best to communicate with Kimporo for confirmation 😊

  7. Omg stress at all. I eiish there are more confinement centre likr did in future

    1. So true! Memang no stress at all. Happy jer 😊 hoping the same as well 😍

  8. Hi. May i know how much is the cost for 14 days package. thanks

    1. Hi there, please send your enquiries to or 019-330 7866. Thanks, Kimporo Team


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