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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!
When is the last time you visited Penang? If you are planning a trip, then I have some recommendation. Recently, my family and I are invited to join Media Preview of the first DoubleTree Resort by Hilton at Penang. Our family had such a great time spending 3 days and 2 nights at the beautiful resort hotel in Batu Feringghi. Do you know that this DoubleTree Resort is also the 50th open in Asia Pacific under Hilton brand? Read on because I am so excited to share it all with you.
This is where it all started. I have no idea how we pull it off. Went for bus ride with two kids. My husband and I were nervous actually. I mean, we are the only team that brought little kids. Like we all know, kids are pretty much unpredictable. I was chanting in my heart the whole way “please dont scream, please dont puke” LOL Super proud of our two girls as none of them have an outburst. Phew! By the way, Hilton KL provide us a take out breakfast meal and the panini is delish!
After 5 hours and two stops we arrived at Penang bridge! WEEEehooo!
DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang - Lobby (reception area)
Look at that, isn’t that pretty? I felt so welcome by the Lobby. I would say it is a good option to stay here if you coming down to Penang. Mainly because it is only 15 kilometers from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town and you also get to enjoy the beach within walking distance.
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After check in, we were ushered to Axis Lounge to enjoy the Hi-Tea. It is quite obvious who is more intrigued by the food. HAHAHA  If you are interested you can opt to enjoy the yummy Hi-Tea while chillaxing with your family. The price is totally reasonable, was informed that it cost only RM60 for 2 pax.
Look at that sugar rush face.
The hi-tea set come with 3 tiers of savoury and also sweet treats. My personal favourite is the tart and macaroon. Both are not too sweet and just nice to my liking. It goes really well with the berry tea and also the lemongrass tea served.
All around the Axis Lounge there are also other interesting food at every corner. The presentation of this fish tikka is as good as it taste. You can really taste the herbs and fish is so succulent.
Forgot the name of this eye catching snacks. Let’s call it the egg roll popiah.
Another kueh during the hi-tea. I like how creamy and rish the dipping taste. Well, this is only part of the hi-tea arrangment. If you want to enjoy them all then dont forget to book if you ever come down to Penang. For the cost they are charging, I would say it is totally worth it.
The most exciting part of our trip would be the room! We had the family room which consist of one King bed for the parents. Also there is like a connecting hallway to access the children room. Parent’s room come with a balcony, which we enjoyed so much. It is nice to wake up and get fresh air from the balcony.
This is the kid’s room. I would say it is very spacious for my two kids. They do not complain because there are more room to play catch with each other. Both of them sleep on their own bed for two nights and did not cry to look for me in the middle of the night. Owh ya, this kid’s room does not come with a balcony which is a relieved as I think it is more safe for them that way.
Nak tengok berapa rate sekarang? Mana tau ada discount ke kan? Nah illy sediakan search book untuk terus kat sini. Senang korang nak buat booking. Have Fun!! P1090456
Can’t help but to noticed the local touch around the room. Like the ceramic and also the batik.
Each room come with a fridge and also some in-room coffee and tea making facilities.
It also come with a steam iron, ironing board, safe deposit box and also a torch light. All I ever care about is the steam iron, for those who wear tudung you would totally understand why haha
It is a pleasant suprise to see DoubleTree Resort Penang provide Crabtree Evelyn amenties.  Great because they are one of the natural brand that I have been supporting. Their products are good quality and they only use natural derived ingridients. Also, I do noticed the green effort, like how the toothbrush is packed using paper materials which is easier to decompost. Also the fact that they provide razor, sewing kits and other amenities on demand instead. This will totally reduced the number of wastage. Also they used paper straw, good effort in sustainability.
As we are settling down, both of our rooms are knocked and this came. Yeay! More treats. As you can see the welcome gesture come with colourful local delicacies. The kueh lapis reminded me of my grandmother. She used to make those when I was a little girl.
Not forgetting the yummy signature cookies by DoubleTree. The cookies is sooo yummy that my daughter requested couple more time and that I have to shamelessly request over and over again from the reception. Do you know that you get to enjoy the consistantly yummy cookies at every DoubleTree by Hilton  all over the world? I am not suprised that some might book a stay just because they missed how the cookie taste like haha
That evening, my family went a little tour near the kids pool and the main swimming pool. My husband and I very pleased to see Kids Club. It open everyday from morning until 8pm where kids get to enjoy many activities lined up for them. *Cough* If you want to go for couple spa *Cough*
This is the main pool. Love that they have the sand on the side as it add more beach feel. I always love the feeling of sand under my feet and it is also good for kid’s sensory play.
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Wall art is soo Penang. It would be crime not to snap a picture with a wall art if you are here. You can find this beautiful art just beside Makan Kitchen in this hotel. My family truly enjoyed capturing memories beside such a lovely art.
Dinner time! Normally either my husband and I have to be behind the lense. Nice to have our whole family in this. Thanks Angel for helping us to take this picture. You might not believe this, I am actually quite shy in presence of new faces. I am glad to have my family around, as we get to experience everything together while getting to know new friends.
The guy my husband talking to is Hafiz and he is the camera man for Kosmo under Utusan arm. We had great conversation with him during the dinner. Shared lots of interesting ideas, it is always nice to make new friends. Hoping to bump into you again at future event. Sofea on other hand is more interested to become a deer. Playing with her cutleries pretending it is a horn LOL Kids, right? Also, I think the flower arrangement of the centerpiece is nice.
Zandria being the youngest in this trip behaved during the whole time. So proud of her. By the way, that is Angel. (on the left) Just incase you need some clarification haha.. 
Thanks Linda Giebing. She is the General Manager of DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang for hosting such a lovely dinner for all of us and also for hosting this Media Trip. I have always adore women who hold a powerful position, I found it to be inspiring. Wish one day, I will get the opportunity to in the position where I could make a positive impact like how Linda did.
Lucky, I took a picture of the menu. As you might have noticed I am not great at remembering the name of my meals. However, I do remember how satisfying it taste. I wish they wrote the name of the Chef who is behind this. The whole team did a good job pulling the dinner together.
The Appetizer. Nyum! My main favourite would be the one on the right. That is Lobster bergedil with acar nenas. My first time trying out lobster bergedil normally bergedil come with chicken or beef. That’s one of the thing I love about travelling and experiencing new food. We get exposed and gain more ideas on what to cook once we got home.
This Oxtail soup taste as good as it looks on my camera. The meat is tender and you can actually taste how nourishing the clear soup is. Thanks to the herbal ingridients. My daughter Sofea slurp it till the last drop.
Taaa daaa! Our main course. The lamb shank is very flavourful. The percik quail is very tasty and the cod fish.. Argh.. who would like a tender and perfectly steam cod fish? I am not sure if they have it on menu or it is specially made for us. But I would totally recommend for you to try out the percik quail prepared by the Chef here. It comes with the white percik gravy that is soo mouth watering. It is not spicy and like I said earlier it is tasty!
Here is the dessert that were served. Definately an insta-worthy piece.
My heart felt warm when Bree came to us and offer to request baby food for Zandria. How thoughtful. Zandria seems to like them so much. I can’t help but to taste it too hahaha.. Need to review what LOL
My husband is happy, obviously. That’s the kind of face he tend to do everytime he enjoyed good food. While the rest went for a night out exploring Batu Ferringhi after the dinner, we head back to our room and put our kids to sleep.
GOOD MORNING, This is the view from our balcony.
Breakfast time. I am pretty convinced that this hotel is very kid friendly. Look, they even have a Kid’s Buffet.
Sofea enjoyed the kid’s buffet section. Mainly because it is designed to be within her reach. She get to feel like an adult picking her own meals and such. They also provide good quality plastic cutleries, plate and cup so you dont have to worry about the potential of the “broken-glass-drama” while enjoying your meal.
Picture 01
While my husband and kids enjoying their meal and head straight to swimming pool, I went for this. It is the main reason why we are all invited to be there. As you can see from this pic, Guest of Honor Yang Amat Berhormat Tuan Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang and VIPs Yang Berhormat Danny Law Heng Kiang, EXCO for Penang State Tourism Development, Mr. Ooi Chok Yan, Chief Executive Officer of Penang Global Tourism, Jamie Mead, Regional General Manager for Hilton Malaysia and Linda Giebing, General Manager of DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang.
I am glad that PR sent official picture.  Because this is the picture I took LOL.. Tried my best but I am so “vertically challenged” to be able to take a good shot.
Picture 04
Congrats to Hilton for the launch of the 50th hotel in Asia Pacific and for the first DoubleTree Resort in Malaysia, Everyone is looking great in this picture. Including cookie man!
Told you I am “vertically challenged”. Imagine if I did not get the official picture. This is the picture I took. Fine, laugh all you want. By the way, the MC of the day is Kiranjeet Kaur and she is the National Public Relations Manager for Hilton. Nice to get to know her during the trip as she is very friendly.
After the official launch event. The media team is divided to few groups to take a tour around the hotel. My first stop is this super cute TeddyVille Museum. This attraction is located in the same building as DoubleTree Resort.
Not like another other museum, this museum is loaded with cute bears in any size you can imagine. This place deserved a dedicated post and I willd so. Stay tune for that k?
Meet Ashley Yeen (my blogger friend who stayed in Penang) and also Lisa from The beauty about being in this line, you will get mingle with like minded people who are passionate about sharing all the good things life have to offer and if we are lucky to insipire others to explore and to love life.
Good news to active people out there. Their gym is 24 hours. How I wish I get to slot in some running while my kids are sleeping. Its okay, I’ll just wait couple more years and we can enjoy working out together.
We also went to check out The Staycation spa. This is the treatment room. It looks very relaxing. I noticed they used the porcelain bowl as the sink. My mind is thinking about ramen when I saw it haha.. I mean you can make super ramen in a bowl that size.
They used porcelain bowl almost everywhere. Nice touch, as it represent the chinesse culture and if you noticed they used malay traditional batik for the bedsheet on the treatment bed and the wood flooring. It really represent the culture melting point here in Penang.
Look at that baby! This is the terrace of the Terrace Suite. The outdoor area is very spacious, perfect for romantic dinner overlooking the sea.
This is the living area of the Terrace Suite. come with comfy sofea and also kitchen area. If you are planning for longer stay then do cosinder to book this room. It is nice to have the home feel with the comfort and a service that hotel could provide during your vacation.
Terrace Suite comes with a bathtub and glass window. Also with the side sofa. Imagine yourself chillaxing there all day.
That is Joey. He is from the marketing team and he is the tour guide for our group. Thanks for showing us around. Behind the gate there is the over bridge that connect DoubleTree Resort to the Miami Beach.
After we are done with the hotel tour, it is now time for lunch. As expected there are local delicacies served. Yeay! This is a picture of the Chef of Indian Speciality corner. If you come here, you will get to enjoy all the speciality from all three cultures here in Penang.
What is Penang trip without Pasembur. you get to refill as many pasembur you wish. I also enjoyed the grilled squid that is freshly prepared in front of you.
My daughter is more attracted to the dessert section. There are options of ABC Ice Kacang and also Cendol.
Cold and sweet treat like this ABC is so enjoyable during a sunny weather in Penang. Best part of all, you can have as many bowl as your heart content.
Sofea is sweet enough to share it with her lil sis.
My husband keep praising this mee udang that he had for lunch. Be prepared to be indulged. After all, one of the main attraction of Penang is the food itself.
After such hearty lunch, we went back to our room and chillax while the kids have their evening nap. Time flies when you are having fun. Next thing we know it is our final dinner here at the resort.  Look what my daugther took from the Kid’s buffet area. She is bacially eating a rainbow with such colourful fruits and veggies.
Not too long till she saw the dessert section at Kid’s buffet. I dont blame her to moving to sweet treat for her dinner. Sooo sedap!! n yes, she dtiched the other plate and I have to finish her “rainbow” plate instead. Pleasure all mine as the food is good. Even If I have to spend my own dime for the dinner, I would say I wont be complaining.
The next morning, our family went to check out the beach. To be completely honest, not the best beach we have been too but not too bad either. You can swim in the ocean, experience sea breeze and just chill.
You may also take lots of picture to feed your insta.
Argh… it is time to go home. I am actually tempted to continue our stay since it is going to be weekend after all. However, we have wedding to attend to the next day. Well, more reason to plan another trip soon. Took a picture with my blogger friend Ashley Yeen before we part ways. Thanks for the C12 mask you gave me the other night. My skin felt hydrated and smooth the next day.
We said bye to Hilton team and head on to our bus. To sum it all, it is a pleasant experience and I would totally recommend it to everyone I know. Expecially the one with kids. Service is great here, room is clean and cosy, the food is amazing. I know I sounded like a Hilton spokeperson hahaha but really you got to try it on your own.  I think that is the reason Hilton brand have been so successful over the years. When it come to hospitality they know it best.  I am not saying this because they invited me for the trip. You can check out my other Hilton Hotel post (here) where I went to Hilton Kuching with my family at our own cost.
Ofcause we have to make a stop at UNESCO Heritage site GeorgeTown. As mentioned in my insta post, this town is very rich with history. It started way back 232 years ago. Do not miss the chance to explore the town if you are in Penang. You will be happy to do “cafe hopping” and try out as many yummy food as you like. Also not to mention, to take picture of the mural art all around the place.
My husband is insisting to eat Nasi Kandar, Look at the mountain of food he took for me. The sloppy curry is the best. Anyway, you might want to bring suncreen or umbrella if you are exploring the town during lunch time as it can be quite sunny.
We also make a stop at Ice Cafe and glad we did. Not only it allow us to cool off from the heat. It is also such a nice cafe to explore. I will write another post about the Ice Cafe Penang. In the mean time, look at the entrace hallway. It gave a pleasant suprise element before you go into the cafe. The detailing on the wall and colours is very interesting.
This is how it looks from the inside and this is only partial of the Ice Cafe. More of it will be on my other post.
My daughters enjoyed playing with the ice. Staying true to the Ice Cafe theme, there is a bathtub filled with tiny cubes that mimic ice.
What is Ice Cafe without shaved ice and ice cream right?
After we are done having fun enjoying dessert at Ice Cafe, we went to the meeting point to wait for the rest before going on the bus. Well, it turned out everyone is hanging out at another cafe nearby. Thanks Elfy for coming over under the hot sun to lead us to the cafe. Also thank you for being loving to my two kids. She even helped to hold Zandria all the way to the cafe. Sofea keep talking about her even after our trip ended.
Nice or not? Very rustic feel right? Does it remind you or Sekeping Serendah? Well this is Sekeping Victoria. Located in the heart of Georgetown. I love the indoor outdoor rustic vibe this place provide. We ordered take away cheesy potato wedges and pineapple juice for muching during the bus ride back to kl. Thanks Jac for introducing this cafe to us. Would not have known about it if it is not for her.
Finally, we go home with happy tummy and heart. Great thanks to everyone in this picture. From the left we have Irene, Jac, Angel, Elfy and Sabrina. Not forgetting Carmen is not in the pic. They are all from Rouge PR. Missing Sue Ann and Sai Mun as they already left to pursue their career. Rouge PR of the best PR company that I have worked with over the years. Not playing favourite here, but really they have hosted many big events and I have worked with them on numerous campaign and it is always been a pleasure working together. They are truly professional, you can count on them to go above and beyond on every occasion. It is sad to find out that the company is changing direction soon and this most likely will be their final event. I will totally miss each one of you. Hope our path crossed more in the future and keep in touch on insta!
Alright, that’s about it. I know this is a long post. Thank you for spending your time to read this. I hope you find it helpful somehow in the even you are considering where to stay the next time you come to Penang. Till, next blogpost. Don’t forget to take it easy and smile!
P/s: Since my family truly enjoyed the trip, I decided to spend time to edit a vlog on our youtube. Will share it with you once it is ready. Hehehe


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