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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you want to know what is the latest in home appliances world then do read on. Last week, I was invited to join the New Product Launch Convention 2018 by Hitachi. It was held at One World Hotel. I am glad they hosted it there. Just 5mins away from my office. Meaning, I could take a time off to attend.

Okay, I came. They gave me press release and then the event started. I was quite happy to see a blogger friend of mine Nannie at the event. She seat beside me during the presentation which is nice. Because I tend to be nervous in a new enviroment, having a familiar face around makes me feel calmer. Thanks Nannie!


Event started with a welcome speech by Takahiro Ishii, Managing Director of Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad. He shared many insightful information regarding Hitachi. Do you know that Hitachi have been around for more than 100 years? OMG right? Growing up, I remember my parent do have Hitachi fridge at home. To me, if a brand could last that long.. they must have done something right. It clearly shows that their products are reliable and not to mention reputable.



(trying out my new lense LOL)


Okay continue. After that all of us are given even more details about what is the latest invention by Hitachi. From the latest Big French Glass Series Refrigerator (that makes my heart beat faster dup dap dap), to washing machine to the Scene Camera Series Air conditioner, to the powerful Cyclone Series Vacuum and also the latest Induction Heating with Inverter Technology series Rice Cooker. Thank you to Joseph Leong and Mathew Tham Seng Mun for bring us for a quick dive into the each products.

Photo 1

Takahiro Ishii (far right), Managing Director of Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad and Steven Lim (far left), General Manager of Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad launched the Hitachi Upgrade for Life New Product Launching Convention 2018. Will take you for a closer look over each product soon.

After the presentation ended, all of us are invited to check out the products with our own eyes. The auntie in me is soo happy. I finally appreciate the importance of having good home appliances after being a mum. Having good tools, not only help us to be more productive, it also makes home management more effective.

There are things that my husband and I personally invested on and it really it makes our live so much easier. For example, we do bought a good steamer and it is life changing. We get to do our chores easily hence we get to spend more time with our family members. This is just one example. Imagine if all the  appliances in our home is efficient. Wouldn’t that be sooo awesome?


Out of all product that were introduce, the one that really caught my interest is the fridge. I just cannot contain my excitement. Maybe because I have been surveying for a new fridge. The one we had at home is given by my mom in law. She gave it to us,  since she is buying a new one.  It is a good unit but it is old and not as efficient as I wish it is. We have been using the same units for almost 10 years. Like you might guessed,  I went straight to fridge section.

The fridge in the picture is also one of the latest fridge which costed around RM14k. Yes, I kid you not. If only money drop from the sky. Haihhh… Well, its okay I go and check out other options that would be friendlier to my budget. Share about it in a bit.


This is the new Cyclone Series CV-SE22V Vacuum cleaner. It have strong suction power (460W), Multi angle nozzle, Titanium Filter, also bagless which means it is easier to maintain and clean. I also love the fact that it have 7-Stage Filtration and a quite mode. Meaning I can do vacuum without to worry if it would awaken my sleeping child. Yeay! This one is retailing at RM599.


Next we have this rice cooker. It is far from just being a rice cooker. It could help you prepare lots of meals effortlessly. This smart rice cooker come with 40 auto recipe mode. You can use it to steam as well as it comes with a steam basket and a tray. I like how sleek this rice cooker looks. Good to know that the Pot is Anti-rust and have a thickness of 3.6mm and for the record, it is made in Japan. The retail price for this is RM 1,859.


Found my love. Need to take a picture with it HAHAHAHA.. I really wish my husband read this blogpost. (If you are reading this buy me one please hahahahahahaha) It would be dream come true to have this Big French Glass Series refrigerator  at home. The retail price is within reachable range. This one costing RM 4,499. *wink wink*


Look at that, it come with a Tank type Water Dispenser. Can easily get cold water without even opening the fridge. Also, if you have small kids like mine. Dont worry, it also have Child Lock and Door Alarm. Hitachi is being very thoughtful in designing their products and I love that.


The ice maker can be be move around. How cool is that? So,if you need to rearrange your freezer space you can! This fridge also have a qucik freezing mode and energy saving mode. I was also informed that it is CFC-Free and HFC-Free which means it is greener and would be harming our earth. Yes to that!


Another function that caught my interest is this Fresh Select Section. It is up to you to store vegetable or meat because you can manually change the setting for the compartment.


See? If you want to put meat in then slide it to meat. Simple as that.  I wish I have one at home T.T   Well it’s okay, will work harder to save money and maybe convince my husband to get one for our home.


Another selfie to end this post haha.. Well, they also launched a new washing machine but I was too excited when I saw the fridge and didnt really take a close up picture of it . Anyway, you can just drop by at any department store or home appliances shop to check out the products yourself.

I hope you enjoy this write up and journey to Hitachi New Product Launch Convention 2018 with me. Like always, will try my best to share my experience. Hope you have some ideas and maybe it could help you to make decision if you are in the market to look for home products. Till next blogpost, don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


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