Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Raya

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

How are you? Hope you are feeling great. Even if you are not, don't worry as time will pass and hard times will go away with it too. Today I would like to share my family personal experience at Sunway Lagoon. This is a place of pure joy! I remember being 7 years old that time when they had a gigantic roller coaster at the main entrance, fast forward to more than 2 decades I get to come and bring my kids to enjoy it as well. 

The most recent visit is on 2016 and that time Zandria is not here yet. Coming back to Sunway Lagoon always brings back the best memories to me. Which is why I want you to experience it too! 

My kids were over the moon as we walked in. I am happy to see so many new improvements have been done. Every time I come, I have always been impressed with their process improvement, how the flow of going in is smoother, and also they even provide wheelchair and stroller for rental. It is very thoughtful and customer-centered. 

The place is sooo huge, they have so many rides and so many things to see. My kids love the aviary section the most as they get to experience walking right beside a peacock. What a joy! You will also get to enjoy some shows and do check out the picture above for the schedule. 

The Instagram spot is at every corner. If you are thinking to level up your Instagram game, then here is the place. There are picture worthy area all around Sunway Lagoon. Just make sure you have enough battery and memory space haha.. 

This round we are actually invited to witness the launching of the Sunway Lagoon Nickelodeon Raya. We are amazed by the lovely performance by Sunway Lagoon staff, such a dedication was shown and they are so in character! Good job!! 

During 25 May till 9 June, do come over to bring your kids and family members to visit Sunway Lagoon. I mean, it is the best place to celebrate with family. Since it is also going to be a school holiday, might as well create the most beautiful memories together. I am actually running a contest on my Instagram for the past 1 week and will be announcing the winner by tonight! 

Not 1 not 2 but 10 tickets of ALL ACCESS will be enjoyed by 5 winners. It means each person will get to bring a plus 1 to enjoy all the fun together. I am sure that you will have so much laughter. 

You may also find a souvinier shop at the main gate, and a few other main attraction locations in the compound. We decided to get our kids new matching swimwear since they already have outgrown their previous ones. I find the products sold were very reasonable and super cute! You may also purchase Sunway Lagoon premium if you like. 

Sofea is kinda shy when we asked to take a picture with Dora (her idol hahaha). I remember last year, she requested for a haircut like Dora and now she gets to meet Dora in person! Thank you for bringing such pleasure to my daughter's heart. 

At the event, we are also served with yummy Raya delicacies. Our top favourite is satay and also the raya cookies. Nyum nyum! 

Nickelodeon Park is huge and what I love about them is that I get to enjoy all the slides with my kids since the slides here are designed to be kids friendly. Needless to say, our whole family had a lovely time together and we can't wait to come back again soon! 

For more details, do check out : 

Have an awesome day ahead! 


  1. Bestnya dapat main air. KSarie tak pernah sampai lagi ke Sunway Lagoon ni ha walaupun dah 17 tahun duduk Shah Alam, dekat je pun kalau nak ke Sunway Lagoon tuh ha. In sya Allah nanti ksarie nak bawa kiddos ke sana


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