We stayed in a HAUNTED Hotel in Phuket Town

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

It has been a month after we came back from our 11days Beach Hopping trip to Phuket and Krabi with our family. The plan is to stay in Phuket town from 31 May till 3 Jun, then stay in Krabi from 4 Jun till 9 Jun. We planned to hop to 3 hotel during the stay but then we forgot to book the hotel from 3 Jun - 4 Jun. 

This is where our unplanned adventure started hahahaha... To be honest this is not our first time coming over to thailand, each time we came it is a totally different experience. We tried a luxury trip before (stayed in The Westin for 5 nights), medium version and also budget trip before. Since this is just one night lay over stay before going to the villa we booked in Krabi. My husband... is a cost-efficient person so ofcoz go and look for the cheapest stay hahahaha... 


Okay to be fair it cost us RM45 per night. Super dirt cheap right? I kid you not, we end up having to wear our shoes in the room because our feet start itching as we walk on the carpet and we not even exaggerating. If you know me, I rarely rant in fact I like to be as diplomatic as possible. This time, it is a sin if I dont share it out. I dont want to share the name of the hotel coz dont think it is nice to do so. However, if you are planning a trip soon, and you see this hotel in the picture... RUN AWAYYYYYYY 

Other than the carpet that is collecting dirt since the 70's, they just want it to match the curtain as well. Both of them seems like it has not been cleaned since then. I think the curtain should be blue and white in colour and look how it looks like in the picture hahahaha... Thankful for the clean and fresh bedsheet. 

If you see there is an aircond above my husband head, at least they install additional aircond as the initial one is not working. The fridge is dirty, I am not kidding. 

I can really go all day if I need to explain about the condition of the place. However, since we paid a small fee, I don't think I have much right to say stuff hahaha.. 

My husband and I do experience a spooky feeling as we walk into the hotel, out of all floor most likely we are the only floors that have a customer. We don't have any neighbor despite the hotel have at least 20 rooms per floors. 

There is this old salon that looks abandon before the main lift entrance. I think the last time it was operating is deff in the 70's. My daughter Sofea was amazed looking at the tv and asked why this tv is fat, LOL innocent of a kid.  

On a brightside, it came with a bathtub! Yeay, I mean RM45 with a bathtub is good deal right? Not knowing that I will end up seeing a ghost LOL 

That night is a night before Syawal, the raya night we muslim called it. My husband and kid went to sleep and then I went to the toilet want to enjoy some me time. I already smell and felt something but I just ignore it maybe my mind is playing trick on me. Then I decide to brush my teeth. 

I DID THE SMARTEST THING EVER, by looking at the mirror while brushing my teeth. Gues what? I saw an entity standing right behind me at the corner in between on the phone and the shower curtain. OMG! 

I was a lil bit panic, but I tried to maintain my composure, avoiding eye contact and automatically continue brushing my teeth while staring down at the sink. If I scream, not like it will run and I might scare off the kids. It is midnight almost impossible to find another place. 

I think the entity is still figuring out if I saw it or not, so it doesn't move. I end up pretending not to see "it'' and then went to bed. I even put my toothbrush back in the container LOL... 

It was the longest night of my life. I don't want to cause any harm to my kids and I don't want to wake my husband up. I was saying all kind of prayers in my heart. My heart was pumping like mad. 

The next day, we pack up and continue our journey to Krabi (so glad we stayed in a beautiful villa hahaha.. will share about our trip soon). 

Anyway, I only shared about the encounter to my husband once we are back in kl. I dont want to kill his and our kids mood.. Not like can turn back time anyway hahaha so it can wait. 

Once back home, I decided to read the review. I need to check if I really saw a ghost or it is just mind trick. My husband didn't bother to check the review before booking LOL he only concerns about the price hahaha.. 

One take away, IT IS A MUST to READ REVIEW. You never know that it already been warned. Look at some of the review I found about the place. Hilarious, if we knew definitely won't bring our kids there.. 

hahaha... so ya that is our experience staying in a haunted hotel. I felt like staying in the song "hotel california" what a money cant buy experience. 

Thank you so much for reading this and what about you? Have you accidentally or intently stayed in a haunted hotel? I am curious to know. 


  1. Lol illy.. Scary nya.. I baca pun takut plak bila terbayang.. Macam juon ke illy.. Gila lah.. Ni area patong ke illy

  2. Nasib baik tidur 1 malam je Illy. Macam dalam movie horror sungguh bila gosok gigi lepas tuh ada hantu kat belakang huhuhuhuhu. Hotel apakah ini? Ngeri sungguh la. Dah la ksarie banyak kena tidur hotel tahun ni sebab urusan kerja, etc huhuhuhu. Hopefully kalau ksarie ke Phuket, ksarie tak akan stay di hotel ni. Tapi part kenapa televisyen tuh gemuk memang klakar k:)

  3. Ya ampun!!! I could only imagine the horror!
    Nasib tidur satu malam je!

  4. after stay baca komen it's ok for me.. kalu dah check-in then terbaca pulak komen.. memang tak tido malam.. mau check-in hotel lain hehehehe


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