From left - Nur Aimi Abdul Ghani, Nurul Ezzaty Hasbullah, Karyll Chee and Yasmin Khalid were crowned as Guardian's Face of Healthy Beauty. Congrats ladies!! 

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone! 

I guess those who are on my insta might have noticed that I kind have a soft spot for Guardian. Not only it is the first place I ever bought my first lipstick, but it is a place that I find most of my necessities from. Quite recently, Guardian hosted  THE FACE OF HEALTHY BEAUTY where to go to all over Malaysia looking for 4 wonderful ladies that represent healthy beauty in their own unique way. 

I count myself lucky to be invited to attend the Grand Finale that was hosted at i-city mall shah alam around a couple of weeks ago. 

All the ladies truly deserved their trophy, plus they also bring back RM20 worth of cash + cash vouchers plus another RM5 for the charity of their choice. 

I bet all the judges must have a really challenging time deciding the winners as all the contestants are very good. Many of them are truly inspiring. 

One of the best part of attending event is that I also get to catch up with my social media peers. Meet Ruby, Ajwin, Mira and me! Thanks for being so sweet on that day ladies, look forward to meeting all of you again. 

Look the big stage, the fancy run away and event chronology. Everything was done in the most thoughtful manner. I love the part where each ladies shared about the item that they picked from Guardian and how it represents Healthy Beauty in their opinion. 

Congrats once again to Nur Aimi Abdul Ghani, Nurul Ezzaty Hasbullah, Karyll Chee and Yasmin Khalid! Also not forgetting everyone behind the scene that makes the event a successful one.

Alright, peeps. That's it for today. Thank you for spending your time to read this and take care :) 


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