The Taste of Paradigm – Spend and Be Rewarded

Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If you are planning to purchase things in the mall or want to have dinner with family and friends, might as well get rewarded for it huh? Well, we are living in the age of options, we have many options. For mall, for food, for many things. I like to get as much from the amount im spending. If you are like me then you might want to go to Paradigm mall to do from 19th August - 17th November, as you will be rewarded for the amount that you already planning to spend. Talk about it shortly. 

Do you know that the entire LG level of Paradigm Mall PJ is their first and only food court called the Food Arcade? You will be spoilt with options from Malay, Italian, Middle-Eastern, Thai, Javanese, and Hong Kong to Taiwanese food. Like the one behind me is Warung Mama. So cute the name of the shop. They serve Malay food and they also have a breakfast meal. 

Mee Kari, nyum nyum and cendol. Look how fat their cendol is hahaha... 

Warung Mama also serves the legendary Nasi Lemak Bungkus. Didn't get to try this one earlier, maybe should come back for more.  

The meal that I like the most from Warung Mama is this laksam. Not many places serve this dish. Not sure why coz it is actually a good meal. Maybe because it is tedious to make. If you come to Paradigm Mall, don't forget to try this one out. It tasted like the one I had in Cherating. Rich with coconut milk and filled with fish meat. 

There are plenty of choices when it comes to drinks in this mall. One of the places that you might want to try is this Suki-Cha. They serve many creative drinks involve green tea. I like roasted green tea the most. 

Dessert is LIFE, hahaha... If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, then do consider to visit Molten Chocolate. I walked pass this shop many times before but didn't have the chance to try them out. This round, I get to experience them with my blogger peers and they are actually very good!! Can't wait to come back with my family next round. Every dessert is awesome, they used high-quality chocolate which really makes a difference. I like the pancake the most and also the ice chocolate drinks. Nyumm!! 

If that is not enough and you want snacking options, then check out the Seaweed Club. Actually can have a good meal here too. They serve many creative meals having seaweed as one of their main ingredients. It is a healthier option if you asked me. Their seaweed roll is yummy, filling and kind on the calory count. 

Here is the fun part, as promised earlier this is how you can be rewarded from spending at The Paradigm Mall. 

1. Collect a Taste of Paradigm passport from Concierge counter.

2. During the campaign period, for every spending of RM30 per receipt in any F&B outlets in Paradigm Mall will be eligible to collect a stamp. 

3. Redeem a FREE food / drink upon achieving a certain number of stamps.

*T&C Apply  

You can check out the full terms of the content on their website or you can also check out their social media sites for upcoming promo! 



Alright, we are the end of the post. I hope you find them informative. Thank you for spending your time to read it. Take care, dont forget to take it easy and smile! 


  1. Nanti yang entah bila-bila tuh nak bawa kiddos ke sini. Kak Sarie paling berkenan dekat cendol tuh hehehehehe. Nasi lemak tuh dari segi balutan pun dah rasa sedap


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