Anchor is celebrating it's Lagendairy 133 Celebration

Assalamualaikum and Olla Everyone! 

Have you ever wondered what could happen if you don't give up? Especially when you don't give up for 133 years? Well, couple of day ago, I was invited to join Media Conference of Anchor Legendairy 133 Celebration. I get to learn so much and go home feeling so inspired. 

I have always been trying to get good quality product for my family. As I realised that it is important to know the source of the product we consume. If you are an Anchor user, then you should be relieved. I found out that they actually are "Farm to Fork'' company. All the dairy product come from New Zealand which supplied by more than 10,000 farmers! 

It is such a relieved to found out that they took quality seriously. All their cows are not kept in cage instead they run free and feed with the best quality nutrients. This to ensure high quality produce. Anchor live up to its Fonterra's promise of Trusted Goodness. 

Do you know that they have been exporting to Malaysia ever since 1960 and employ more than 700 malaysian over the years?  This is why I like attending conferences, I get to learn as much about everyday product and share the knowledge with all of you. 

On that day, we are also served with cakes bake using Anchor Butter by these lovely mummies! It is not a secret that in order to have the best outcome you need to use the best ingredients. 

These beautiful ladies are not only mummies but they also entrepreneur under the Caring Moms wing. Caring Moms is a very unique platfrom where mum get to join hand to monetize their gift. You can visit for more details.  

This year, Anchor Food Professionals are having a partnership with Caring Moms, where they select 20 mums to be Anchor Dairy Endorsed Baker and they will be sharing their journey of using Anchor Dairy Products to bake for their customers. Gosh... I look forward to buy a cake for my kids from the website on their next birthday. Would be more than happy to support fellow mum!

Come back to the 133 years journey, on the event date I learned about the growth of Anchor Brand. From 1886 it is actually founded by Henry Reynolds, a Cornish farmer in New Zealand. It started when he wanted to produce good quality butter. One thing leads to another, with amazing persistence look what happened today? Anchor is now owned by 10,000 farmer shareholders, and have market share in more than 80 countries worldwide. I found it to be so inspiring! 

Anchor is also having a contest open to all, check out the banner on how you can join. Actually super easy, just buy any Anchor Best Seller dairy product, snap the receipt and whatsapp to 010 950 8205. Easy right? All the best!!

Click here for more details :

Blogger being blogger, here is a mandatory vain picture of me with tarts made using Anchor Dairy Products

Two of my most favourite creation by mummies of Caring Moms. So creative right? Karipap cake yummy! love the sambal petai karipap so much. Tasted so good, all thanks to the baker's skill and also Anchor's product. The cockroach cake is sooo interesting!! hahaha.. cant imagine the look on my kids if I got it for their birthday. That would be hilarious hahaha... Anyway, it tasted great! 

I would like to thank Anchor for having me at the conference, also to all mummies who bake such so many wonderful cakes. I am sure it takes lots of hardwork to bake for us the other day.  Also big thank to you for spending your time to read this up. I hope you find it informative. If you are joining the contest, GOOD Luck! 

We are at the end of this post, I am signing off. As always, don't forget to take it easy and smile! 


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