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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

Quite recently I was given an opportunity to visit Tanamera new factory in Ijok. I have been their user for many years and it is such an honor to be able to see what happen behind the scene before the product is in consumer's hand. I would like to thank Tanamera team for this money can't buy experience. Those who are familiar with my blog may have noticed that I have a soft spot all-natural product. You see, after being pregnant with my first daughter, I have been trying to use as much natural product as possible. I mean many of us (including myself) are always very concern with the number of calories we consume but we didn't put as much effort in counting the number of dangerous chemicals that we are using on daily basis. 

In the first picture above I am actually posing in front of a soap making machine. This machine can produce up to 10k units of soaps in a day! Wow.. that is amazing right?

As you can see, Tanamera has many range of products ranging from scrub to body oil to even baby product. Their inventory is quite huge. 

One of my favorite is this clarifying hibiscus body scrub, their floral facial mist, herbal body oil, VCO oil and also the herbal scrub. Love that they only high quality pure essential oils instead of artificial scents. I mean it is not a secret that essential oils have many benefit for our body so having it in our body care it totally a plus point. 

That is how the soap flakes look like before it becomes the famous beneficial brown soaps. Being there and seeing things with my own eyes have made my love toward Tanamera brand grew stronger. I see that they are really strict during the entire production process. From what needs to be worn, to weighing and everything process along the line. 

I can stand here for hours looking at this stamping machine haha.. Fascinating actually. If you like to check the process you may do so by clicking on my IG stories as per below. I created a simple video compiling my experience at the factory. 

I also get the chance to fold and pack the soap. Yeay! It is not as easy as I thought. Thank you to all Tanamera team for all the hard work you put in! Everyone is so kind and welcoming and hope they open this factory visit opportunity to others so maybe one day I get to also bring my friend and their kid to visit too!

Tanamera is committed to coming up with more and more innovative product, the bear I am holding right here is one of the soap that they are currently testing. It is not available in the market yet. Do you know that they actually offer OEM? As in you can actually seat down with them to formulate your own line and the will produce it for you? If you are venturing into business might as well opt for the best all-natural manufacturer. One day, I hope I will have enough funding to formulate my own body care line. AMIN.. you may be surprised that many well-known brands actually order their stocks from Tanamera! 

Here is a group picture of us before we go to visit the next factory. 

In the next facotry it is actually their cosmetic factory. Where there are many rooms that store even more machine producing even more products. On the upper level is their microbiology lab. Gosh.. as I enter the lab and saw the incubator and the petri dish, it really reminds me of old days hahaha.. I used to be a microbiology student so all the tools are very familiar to me.

End product! This is where they keep a bottle of each batch so if there is an issue from the batch they can check back and bring it to the lab to test. 

I also get to meet the MD and personally thank him for sponsoring Blooming with illy ever since blooming 1.0, latest sponsorship was for blooming 5.0. I am thankful for the arrangement made by Catherine and also Elaine. Thank you for supporting my mission in spreading more hope, love, and happiness. Thank you for allowing my friends to enjoy your amazing creation! 

Thank you Faisal Ahmad Fadzil the Head of Tanamera for having us and for not giving up! I am sure your determination play a big role in growing Tamamera to where it is right now. Thank you for showing us that we should all believe in our dream and to continue to push further.

Alright everyone, we at the end of this post. Thank you for spending your valuable time to read this post. I hope you find it beneficial and informative somehow. If you are looking to restock your body supplies, I urge you to consider supporting local product that is not only great but also all natural.


  1. best ni .. gain the knowledge how to do this and that .. mana tau one day buka kosmetik sendiri

  2. Bestnya dapat melawat kilang tanamera. semoga ksarie nak visit kilang ni di masa hadapan.


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