Obsess nak kurus

Feb 5, 2011

ntah la.. ily ni dah bertahun2 obsess nak kurus.. kawan2 kata ily ni tqak la gemuk mane.. yet i have to admit betul tu (walaupun rase cam poyo skit)

tapi ily rase cam seluar jeans makin sendat and so on... ily rase cam sedih je bile tgk cermin... i dont want to grow old and not happy with my body image.

ily tgk ramia je org yg berisi dan comel tapi happy dan confident dgn badan mereka..

i think i might have some issue and i felt insecure everytime i gain few pound................

psycho tak?


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment :)

I love reading it <3 Big hug!!

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