kawan - kawan

dlm life ily, ily bahagikan my kawan kepada 4 segment which is

1) kawan sekolah rendah
2)kawan sekolah mengah - ni terbahagi dua sebab ada kawan sekolah smart and ada kawan sekolah setiawangsa
3)kawan kat uni
4)kawan time kerje/kawan2 oum

overall ily sayang semua kawan2 ily because they made me who I am today.

biase la time berkawan banyak la drama hahaha ade yg sporting ade yg kuat bebel ade yg annoying ada yg budget best ada yg konon baik ada yg pendengar setia aka tempat mengadu dan macam2

but as i grow up, i tend to believe.. God send you all these bad/annoying people, so that when a good person/click person came along u would learn to appreciate them =)

(ni ade bace qoute kat mane ntah tapi suke plak)

so bile ade je kawan yg magnet bertentang ni, i will try to avoid them and make less contact sebab bukan ape.. rase tak selesa.. karang jadi gaduh pulak.. ish tak best tuh..

so decided to lepak and keep in touch only with my true bestie only =)

ape yg criteria bestie2 ily?
1) sanggup susah senang
2) no back stabber/muka talam 24
3) someone who willing to said mean thing to me, just because they care =) i seriously accept criticism rather than dishing..
4) accept each other as they are

me, myself is not a very good friend as well, but i try my best to be one =)

now i also learn to treat people as important as how they treat me..
and if i think that im not important to you, im sorry if i ignore you =P

im learning to treat people like mirror now days.. u be nice to me, i will be nice as well and vise versa =P

at the moment I really miss my best friends i miss you all!

p/s: beware of typo huhuhu


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