Beauty Haul from Watsons


Olla ladies, I went to Watsons and saw they having sale and great PWP. Decided to check it out able to grab few beauty essentials at great bargain. Woot! woot! Lets check it out one by one…..


I have quite a few concealer and BB cream, but I like to use this for office daily… I treat it like under eye’s concealer. It does helps to cover my dark under eye ( thanks to pregnancy, I have hard time sleeping at night). The higher range concealer I use it only for special function, event or if I have meeting. Other than that, for just a simple daily make up, I opt for this one instead.  This one normally retailing at RM 24.90 but thanks to Watson’s I got RM 5 off since I got the member cut. Only paid RM 19.90 for this baby!!


Next, I got the Watson’s Hair Treatment Mask, this one is retailing at RM 15.90 (Thanks to the discount I only paid RM 12.63) I love this mask since Watson even before the change to their new packaging. The main reason is that it is so worth it for money.. I mean 500ml for RM 15.90 like seriously??? I like to alternately use this hair mask with my other “branded”  hair mask. The best part is that I amble to be so generous while using it.. Just get a big scoop for your whole hair.


Maybelline Colour Tatto is Tenacious Teal. Believe it or not I got it for only RM 16.80 yessssss! okay stop blinking.. Ini betul punya… I cant believe my eyes when I saw it too. I mean I got all the other colours for RM 21.90 ( some at 19.90) last time.. and I still remember how hard it is to scout for this Tenacious Teal colour. Always run out of stock. So since I saw it at a very good deal, decided to grab it and keep for present instead. Maybelline, when will you ever bring in other colours in Malaysia??? 



Every since I am just a school girl, I have been purchasing this treatment oil from ellips. Now the latest version come with improved formula which enriched with Moroccan oil. Again it is a great alternate serum/ oil / treatment for my hair so far. A box contain 2 packets and each packet comes with 6 capsules. They are selling for RM 9.90 per box, However this time around, it is only RM 6.93.. apa lagi grab two boxes terus la..




Okay, here is a confession. I freaking love baby shampoo. Especially, this one by Johnson & Johnson. Like all the other products I’ve purchased above, this is my alternate shampoo.. I used the branded more stylo one when I really have time to massage my scalp and so on.. If I am in a rush just need a simple wash I’ll grab this one instead. I felt it would be a waste to squeeze my expensive shampoo and didn't have the time to really lather n massage it into my hair n scalp.. With this cost effective shampoo, I wont feel the quilt if I am in hurry.. hahahaha.. so I can squeeze it happily


What about you? Do you have an alternative and cost efficient products as well??


*P/S: I bought all the products above with my own hard earned money.


  1. Great haul! Will definitely pick up the Ellips hair capsules the next time I go to Watsons :)
    I did a similar haul as well; do check it out on my blog
    Good haul sis I did a Watsons haul too, would appreciate it if you can check it out

  2. i like the ellips treatment oil
    make my hair feel smooth

  3. thanks for your lovely sharing

  4. ellips treatment oil is the best ler!!

  5. I'm not sustify with the Hair Treatment Mask, if the cover lid not proper close, the mask will dry off itself.

  6. The eye roll on is not bad, it help to relax & refresh a sore eyes


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