olla ladies, today I would like to share with you about the latest Hada Labo cleanser that is going to be available in the market very soon. There are 3 range that you can pick from. The range are named Blemish Control, Pore Refining and Hydra+Whitening Face Wash.


As you may know, Hada Labo products is very popular for using Hyaluronic Acid as their main ingredients.  Like many of you have known, The polymer hyaluronic acid is an important natural component of skin produced by fibroblast skin cells, which decreases as you age. Skin starts losing hyaluronic acid as early as age 18, but wrinkles and other skin damage from hyaluronic acid loss don't generally show up until the late 30s or early 40s. Preserving or regaining hyaluronic acid is a goal of many skin care scientists and products that can help with these tasks can keep skin supple and youthful-looking. Well, it is a good that this face wash range include Hyaluronic Acid too!

Apart from that, these new range also include Bentonite Clay that has over 70 traces of minerals from the natural volcanic ash sediments. Do you know that Bentonite clay was also used in ancient medicinal practices as an alternative healing method for preventing or alleviating health problems? As for you skin, Bentonite Clay will help to exfoliate the dead skin, thus cleaning up the pores and improving the skin’s texture.


Hada Labo Deep Clean & Blemish Control Face Wash, RM 20.90

This face wash is suitable for those with acne and oily prone skin type. It is anti-acne while at the same time moisturizing due to the Wild Pansy Extracts content. It also has Salicylic Acid, a gentle exfoliating agent that promotes cleaner and clearer skin.

Hada Labo Deep Clean & Pore Refining Face Wash, RM 20.90

This face wash is suitable for skin with visible large pores and oily skin. It deep cleanses, controls sebum production, helps refine pore size and improves skin’s appearance. It contains Alpaflor Alp-Sebum (from a rare Alpine plant) that aids in controlling the skin’s 5α-reductase (an enzyme that’s responsible for the production of sebum) activity, keeping the skin looking matte with less visible pores.

Hada Labo Hydra & Whitening Face Wash, RM 20.90

This product is ideal for those with dull and dry skin. It contains REGUÒ-FADE, also known as Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant and an effective skin brightening and whitening agent. It also contains Fucosorb, a natural red and brown seaweed extract that functions in the construction of the skin’s cellular network and has excellent moisturizing and antioxidant effects.


Would you give it a try? Just incase you are interested, you may check the nearest major since  is available at all leading pharmacies outlets nationwide. For more info please check out https://www.facebook.com/MyHadaLabo


  1. Hi, great post. Does any of them leave a tight squeky feeling to your skin? I know the old formula leave a tight squeky feeling.


  2. My favourite products...love it so much!!!

  3. Keep this going please, great job!

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  4. I used Hada Labo products once but it seemed didn't suit my skin type. :(

  5. i has been try it before my so sad , it not suit with me


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