Pixy Cleansing Series for Make up (Review)



Olla ladies, have you ever felt so tired after work or event or after coming back from class that you felt like… I wish I could erase my make up in one swipe? Some even guilty of not bothering to remove make up because they are super tired. Good news! Pixy came out with single step product that help to remove make up while helping to moisturize it!

It comes in two range, the first one is the PIXY Gentle & Moist Cleansing Lotion (does not require rinsing) it is water based and the second one is the PIXY Single Step Liquid Foam ( this one does require rinsing) it is gel like texture and acts like a foaming facial cleanser which helps to remove make up in one single step as well.



I dont know if you can tell, but as I mentioned earlier the first one is water based and the second one is more to gel base. Both smell sweet and very light more to floral note. It comes in two sizes (which is great for those who would like to try it first, you can grab the smaller size one to test out whether you like the product or not ) and it is retailing at RM7.90 for 50ml and RM13.90 for 100ml. How affordable is that?




I used heavy duty pigmented make up for this test just to make sure how good is the cleansing properties. I used K-Pallete 24 Hours Eyeliner (I bet you know how heavy duty this one is) then the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eye Shadow (this one need no intro of the staying power) and a very pigmented lipstick by Stage in the colour Paparazzi Pink 15. All I did was, drop few droplets on the cotton pad and swipe it. It works! Well, not in one swipe but I don't have to apply pressure or swipe vigorously. Which is great, few gentle swipe is all it needs and my skin smell nice, felt clean and no sticky or oily feeling what so ever.

Do you know that this product used Honey as the key ingredients? I have repeated few times about honey goodness to our skin and how its a great humectant. As for a refresher, this means it attracts and holds on to water molecules. In another word it means it draws water to the skin, relieving dryness and irritation and everyone knows about the anti-bacterial properties of honey right? Weee!

Another plus point for this product is that is it alcohol free. For Muslim ladies, you know sometime you are at a mall or at office and you need to perform you prayers and you need to remove your make up, this products would make it super easy. Swipe it off your face and you can just go to “ambik air sembahyang”  with no worries as this products do not contain alcohol. Scientifically alcohol dries up skin and may lead to skin irritations, so always try your best to opt for non-alcohol skin care range or make up remover.

I do understand that there are few other products in the market that provide single cleansing step which are water based. However, I would personally suggest for you to try out this one as it is an affordable option and it does the works plus with the honey and non-alcohol contain it does give a plus point. Even if you dont use heavy make up and just want to make sure your skin is clean, you can just swipe it over your face.


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All the best and good luck!





* Products courtesy of Pixy Malaysia.


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