True Lemon your travel Must have!


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

If life give your lemon, make a lemonade they said. Well, I would like to share with you many other interesting way to utilize lemon haha.. Do stay with me as more details on that coming right up.

Before my trip to Maldives, I was scratching my head on how do I  bring everything without bringing half of my home. So, I decided to bring versatile products that are multifunctional. One of it is lemon. Why lemon? Because it is one of the nature most precious gift. Super versatile. I can use it to :

  • make a face toner (put in a spray bottle with water)
  • a great mouth wash (put a little bit with water n just gargle)
  • it is an odor destroyer (spray on stinky clothes n hang it to dry)
  • brighten my finger nails ( rub some on your nails)
  • also it improve my metabolism ( i like to put a little of lemon in my drinking water)
  • also great for my salad dressing
  • dose of vitamin C for my skin and body (improve immunity from sickness)
  • and the list goe on and on and on..

So instead of packing everything I have at home, I could just pack few lemons right? The issue here is some countries have different custom regulations that other and on top of that to bring bunch of lemons during travelling is also a bit of a hassle. Which is why I would like to share a very good news to everyone!

Introducing True Lemon… taaaaa.. daaaaaaaaaa




I just love this stuff. It is convinient it comes in a pack. Most impoortant of all it is 100% Natural meaning no spooky stuff added.  Just purely lemon and the fact that it come in a crystallized powder form.. mean I doint have to worry about the liquid limit of package or the worry about declaring perishable items. yaaaa be da beduuuu!




Look at that sachet, it save so much of space you can even slot it in your purse. Each box contain 32 packets and each packet is equivalent taste of one wedge of lemons. I just dont know what not to love about this True Lemon. It is convinient, it is natural and it is versatile.

Wanna see some of my meal that make during my trip? Yes, I do cook sometime during travel as it helps me to save money hahaha also I like the idea of picnic by the beach looking at the sunset while eating some meal with my husband. It just add even more personal touch to our trip.



There you go, hope that this post is beneficial to you. Thank you so much for spending your precious time reading my blog. Appreciate it very much. I hope you have an awesome week ahead and remember, if life give you lemon… check back this post! hahaha



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*This is a sponsored post. As usual,  I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. bestnya ada True Lemon! I'm sure I'll get some soon, thanks for sharing Illy <3

    1. i'm loving it :) best very mobile senang nak bawa gi jalan :) hope you will love your as much! n no biggie good things are meant to be shared!

  2. hah comel nau!! senang nak bawak ni.. ok nanti cari la

    1. senang sebab dalam sachet :) pastu versatile banyak guna <3 sesuai lah kak lily selalu outstation


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