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Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

I always believe that good nutrients are the best gift you can provide for your body. I mean it is an undeniable fact that food is the fuel and building block that keeps us going. I like to consume as much good nutrients right at the start of my day which is in the morning. Not saying I am all saint when it comes to consuming. There are days that I go and eat not-so-healthy food for the sake of cravings LOL. However, I try my best to ensure I make as much good decision when it comes to what I put in my body.

The easiest, most efficient way that I found is by consuming VHalia. It is packed will all the good nutrients plus it also provides good energy for me. Instead of my usual nasi lemak or fried mee hoon for breakfast, I decided to enjoy VHalia. I no longer have to make an extra stop before going to work for breakfast. I just have the big pack of V-Halia Convenience Pack in my office. Talk about being convenient. Also I get to save money in the long run. You see, a pack of V-Halia Convenience Pack which contains 8 individual packets cost RM10.90 and that is like RM1.40 per consumption. Definitely more cost effective than my nasi lemak ayam merah hahahaha.. I also have the 1kg tin at home for midnight snack and the cost is only RM49.90 for 1kg. Super affordable and jam-packed with nutrients. Totally a big win for me.


Let me share with you why I think everyone should try out this drink at least once. As you can see this VHalia contains not just one or two grains. It contains 18 multigrain. From chia seed to lotus seed to barley and from rice. You name it all. Multigrains are  such a good food for our body as it provide numerous healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is good for our heart, stomach, lung, kidney and even our heart. This blogpost is going to be at least three times longer if I end up listing all the benefits of each grain. haha

What makes VHalia special is because they include Bamboo Ginger among a couple of other superfoods that would be really beneficial for our body. Other than removing “wind” from our body, It contains Gingerol and Shogaol which can promote digestion, helps to warm up the body, calms nausea, promotes blood circulation, reduce blood sugar level, delays aging, reduces incidence of getting flu, and has anti-inflammatory effects. If that is not enough, it also contain dates, Lutein, Prebiotic Inulin, Red Quinoa, Aquamin F (Calcium),β-Glucan, Fibersol-2 and Lecithin.

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This is how the individual pack of the VHalia Convenient Pack (RM10.90) looks like. No longer need coffee as my morning booster drink. I’ll just enjoy this healthy goodness instead. I am also happy to find out that is it suitable for any age. From kids to elderly and even pregnant mom could enjoy this beneficial drink. Safe to know that it does not contain any preservative or added colouring and made out of only plant based ingredients.



Sorry for the different lighting. This picture taken indoor in my office. Just want to show you the texture. Suggested serving, 3 table spoon with 150ml water. you can enjoy it hot or with ice. Your choice. I have no patience to measure hahaha.. I just pour everything from the pack and put in hot water. What I personally like to do is to put in the hot water first before putting in Vhalia. I found it easier to mix that way. It will form slightly thick consistency like mushroom soup kind of consistency. Gosh.. I hope you understand what I mean. Hahaha.. If you want it to be more flowy then add more water. As you like lah.. your drink anyway.

It is not as spicy as I thought it would be, just nice to my liking. For me, It tasted quite similar to malt cereal drink. You can smell the ginger and it is aromatic! I was actually tempted to make cookies using the VHalia base to match my drink haha.. I think that would be a nice snack.





This is the 1kg tin packaging. Better value if you get this one. For only RM49.90 you will get 1kg of VHalia. There are many ways to enjoy VHalia. You can also sprinkle some on top of oats or porridge for an extra healthy boost. Maybe it can be added into your smoothie? I’m sure you can be as creative as you like.

After drinking this VHalia, I noticed i had no constipation at all. Meaning my body is efficient in removing toxins from my body. Yeay! Other than that, I also felt healthier. No more sleepy mornings either, I am not blaming nasi lemak but I do feel sleepy whenever I had nasi lemak for breakfast. By having VHalia that is no longer my issue. I also feel good knowing that I’m pampered with good nutrients before I start my day.  After all, FUEL GOOD FEEL GOOD!


All right, that’s it for today. I hope you find this post helpful somehow if you are in the market to look for healthier alternative meal for breakfast. Oh yeah, GoodMorning VHalia 18 Grains is now available at Guardian, Caring and others pharmacy, you may purchase online as well. I will also put down a link below just in case.

GoodMorning VHalia 18 Grains Product Details

till next blogpost, Don’t forget to take it easy and smile!


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    1. more than happy to share :) terima kasih sudi singgah blog illy :)

  2. Doin the same thing. Vhalia is my breakfast at the office. Eversince my cholestrol level went up, I consume Vhalia & only once in a while i go for typical msian breakfast nasi lemak/ canai/ tosai etc. The result is after 2 months of consuming ( of course i consume others like ACV, jus lega etc) cholestrol level went down from 7.1 to 6.2, I just love the taste. Its like savoury breakfast with spicy taste and sweet. I dont drink Vhalia but i eat it like I eat nestum. 6 scoop with 200ml water and my breakfast is done.


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