NUVIT Dermal White |Review|

Assalamualaikum and olla everyone!
if you are in the market to look for the right product to help you achieve radiant and spotless looking skin, then you have come to the right blog post. Today, I would like to share with you my experience using the best seller range by NUVIT which is the Dermal White. Like many other out there, i am curious about product effectiveness and of course the ingredients. Good to know that Nuvit only use safe ingredients and the formulation natural botanical plant derived ingredients back up by science. To top it off it is alcohol free and non- allergic. All you need is 3 efficient product and steps to see the impact. I’ll share more on the products shortly.
As you can see in the table above, it is clear what are the main skin problem and also the causes. The three steps in Dermal White range is specially formulated to fight the root causes. The three steps provide specific solutions to tackle all issues concurrently to give the most effective and fastest result.


The key active ingredient is B-trans5.  It is the combination of tranexemic acid, daisy flower extract, vitamin E, vitamin b3, and AA-2G. Each of this powerful ingredients have their own task in helping to block melanin formation, to restore melanin, prevent melanin transfer and stopping tyrosinase activity. Trust me, all these ingredient will be totally welcomed by your skin.
First step, Brightening Spot Correcting Serum costing rm69.90 for 15ml product. It is a very concentrated serum and all you need it, is a tiny dot for each spot.  The serum smells very natural and absorbs very fast and I like the lightweight formulation as it is also non-greasy. I do noticed faster acne marks recovery after using this targeted spot serum. It is recommended to use this product after cleansing your face. I personally use it after cleansing and toning my face.
Moving on to step two is Brightening Essence Fluid costing rm76.90 for 30ml. The product comes in white liquid, I found the consistency to be slightly thicker than the spot serum. I also like to mention that I like the packaging. I don't have to scoop it out or use any cotton. The pump diffuser is definitely a plus point for those who are concern about product contamination. I also fancy the calming scent of this Brightening Essence Fluid. This product can be applied twice a day during morning and night routine. It is also recommended to use it all over your face and neck for even glowing complexion.

The final step is Brightening Spot Corrector costing rm59.90 for 15ml. This third step cream helps to give intensive depigmenting, on top of assisting to reduce UV Ray damages. You can use this cream at concern area and will help to boost the effectiveness of all other products you used earlier. This cream absorbs almost instantly into your skin and you don't feel any greasy feeling at all.


Overall, i am a happy user. The products deliver its promises and it is very cost efficient as well. I mean for the total cost of rm206.70 you will get three good products that works and also gentle to your skin. it can’t get any better than that. 
Don’t just take my word for it.  If you would like to know more or to purchase you can visit and try it yourself. That’s about it today. I hope you find this post beneficial. Till next blogpost, don't forget to take it easy and smile!


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