The BEST Lontong in Kota Damansara |Honest Review|


Assalamualaikum and Olla everyone!

i wish i knew this place sooner. Last couple of months, my husband and I been looking for options to eat hence we decided to order via UberEat. Such a heart breaker that they no longer available. Well, we are not talking about that today. Anyway, that is how we got to know that about this place. The restaurant called “Do Eat with Us”. My interest was caught the moment I saw the yummy picture of lontong in the app. We ordered and OMG, it is good. Even the soto ayam i got for my kids is delish too.

Then we start searching where is this location located, because we NEED to find out. Not far from our house, DOUBLE YES! Recent weekend, while busy settling things for our new home we decided to go the restaurant and had lunch. I figured out that this place worth being talked about. It worth being introduced. Hence, i took couple of pictures and wrote this post. Bare in mind, I am not paid sponsored to write this post. I wish I am LOL.

Had lots of lontong in my life, I mean how can we not? It is such a versatile dish. They are served for breakfast and even during special occasion like raya. This particular lontong from Do Eat with Us Restaurant is LEGIT super yummy! It raised the bar for lontong. The gravy is sweet and savoury just the right mix. The sweetnest of the cabagge mix so well with the gravy. I also like the fact they put the condiments on seperate bowl. So you can control, what you want and skip what you dont.

My husband like the dried coconut shread, i prefer the sambal. Having the condiment on the side makes the dish flexible to personalization. If any of my non-malay friend wanted to try lontong, i willsurely bring to this place.


If you order the lontong, dont forget to take sambal paru side. They do know how to cook paru goreng.  Some places overdo the paru and it turn out too dry. Paru sambal from Do Eat with Us is sooo good. You got to give them a try.

The korean fried chicken we tried was okay, not the best but also not the worse. if you ever come here, do try out their lontong. Mostlikely you will bump into me as I am coming back again hahaha


When we came the other day, we decided to also give their carrot cake a shot. The carrot cake is incredibly moist with an ultra-creamy cream cheese frosting. I cant remember what my husband ordered for drinks must have been the usual hot coffee. Me on the other hand tried out ice katira. I guess it is a good choice to drink during hot weather since katira supposed to help bringing heat out from the body.


That’s the place.Right in front of Gulatis. if you are familiar with Encorp Strand Mall the their shop if among the shoplots around the mall. Parking is not the easiest here, you can park in the mall and have a quick walk or you can just order them online via fooddelivery app. iam not sure if they are on food panda. I hope they do.

Alright then, that’s it for today. i hope you enjoy this post. Take it easy and smile!


  1. There's a place at Shah Alam called Lontong Klang if you're keen on trying the dish. Cheap too! I recommend :)

    1. really? okay i nak try lah next time.. thank you for introducing! :)


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