Future Mother in Law

Mar 10, 2010

To my future mother in law.

This is a public letter, well I used to be abit offended and sad by the way you treat me. Not anymore now =) hugs hugs

But now, the only thing I wish if I could do is HUG you so tightly =) i mean seriously.. now I do understand why..

Thanks you for giving me your bless.. muah muah love you =P my future mother in law

I will try my best to be the greatest partner for your son =) because he have been super duper nice guy an sweet and comel and understanding..

He is my prince charming, ( I know this is lame, so what? hehehe )

Peace out baby!

*wink wink*


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment :)

I love reading it <3 Big hug!!

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