Things could be great if you see it in a good view =)

As usual, again nak share la dgn semua.. how I take things in life..

For me everyone akan dapat masalah masing, Tuhan akan sentiasa uji dgn pelbagai cara..

Tp baik buruk sesuatu yg berlaku tu depend dgn macam mane kite tgk benda tuh...

It all depends on our view..

For example :

1) Kalau org bagi feedback – do you take it as insult? Or as a way to improve yourself?

2) During Sale - you spend money or save money?

3) Break up - lonely or free?

4) Child birth – Blessed or never ending headache?

See? Nampak tak? Anything that happen is a blessing in disguise.. so rileks je la.. take it easy..

As for me.. i always try my best to see thing in the most positive way.. pening pun tak , tenang dan happy je..

p/s : Bersih kan hati dulu ape2 pun.. ily pun bukan baik sgt.. tp seperti biase di Ulangi semula.. sucikan hati tu..

Jangan nak buruk sangka je.. tak suka layan org yg terlalu NEGATIVE geli busyuk!


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