Panas! Panas! Hot! Hot!

Huhu.. perasan tak sekarang ni tgh hari panas die mak ai... could cost you to melt =)

kalau jalan2 nak kuar cari makantime lunch tu, rasa macam nak bawa je aircond keluar office skali..

Dear Multi intelligent Scientist, could you please invent a mobile cute mini yet powerful air cond. (so that i could carry in my handbag an use it anytime i like)

Hurm.. as from what I learned before, this is cause by global warming.. A friend of mine keep forcing me to believe that it was a myth..

Yer ke myth? Or the truth is so scary.. that we refuse to believe it and decided to classify it as a myth? Hehe

Well, kalau la betul2 all this extreme hot tempt are cause by global warming, so how do we help to reduce it? Or prevent it? Do anything about it?

Ok la.. as you all patut tahu by now.. global warming happening because of the carbon compound in our air.. the access carbon.. if I go more details about this nanti u all pening lak.. kan.. ok so now.. camner nak reduce carbon? (nanti ily post kan ok? )

Bdaway dulu mase ily kerje Nokia Malaysia, kami pun support Earth Hour , silap WR ade pass candle lagi pada semua staf to support Earth Hour =)

Ni dah kerje kat YTL pun mereka support Earth Hour juga.. sangat happy been hired by company2 that cared about the environment =)

So why not same2 la kite support Earth Hour..

P/s : Hopefully esok tak la panas sgt time lunch.. Nyum Nyum..

Peace out baby!


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