My Favourite Surfing Spot

Huhuhu =) i just decided to join the Project Alpha, Instant Cash Blogging thingy.. so they need me to write up satu entri seperti diatas. Baiklah Nuffnang, karangan saya seperti dibawah

Everyone love to surf =) I believe, how do I come into this conclusion?

Huhuhu.. even my dad have facebook now =) Well I kinda feel weird at first but now I feel happy since I could always check out his profile and wall and now trying to see things in his view.. it’s like you get to him more =)

So back to topic, my favourite surfing spot would be

1) My lil brother’s room, don’t ask me why.. my room is at the third floor of the house,very lazy to go up.
2) Starbucks cafe at Great Easter Mall Ampang.. I love the crowd there.
3) Office. Ofcouse la ... im at office 8 hours a day

But make sure you don’t syok-syok surf secara mobile then terlanggar kerete depan (nasib baik terlanggar kereta kecil aja ,kalau tak naya je)

And this happen to my dad.

Yup betul! Ni betul punya citer.. Sedang die syok2 surf internet (I knew it! I knew it! he opened FB)
tibe-tibe Dush! Terbaboom! Terlanggar kereta depan... nasib baik kete depan tu kemek sikit je and my dad punyer kete ade lil scratch

P/s : Ayah, sorry I have to tell others.. sebagai pengajaran.. =)

And before I forget

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


  1. sampai terlanggar kete depan..u nih..hehehe kene be extra careful okay..

  2. bukan ily.. ayah =)

    cikHel punyer post pasal n sweat tu best! tumbs up!!


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