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Back then when I was at early teenager age. You know those transition where you are just stepping into new phase of exploring make up and skin care? Well, I recalled that my dad bring our family to an Island gateway and due to excitement I spent a liltle bit time under the sun and end up tanned.

What do you expect haha? I got paranoid! I mean, I just finished my primary school and going to step into secondary school and I don’t want to start my first day and not looking my best. It felt like an almost the end of the world to me back then. How dramatic teenager illy.. LOL Anyway, during that time I have few more weeks before the school start so I end up trying to look for solutions.

That is when I was introduced to Fair & Lovely. Yes, Fair & Lovely have been one of my first encounter with beauty products. How nostalgic! To cut the chase, I used it and yes it does help to improve my skin and I become slightly fairer.


Anyway, thanks to Unilever for inviting me to Fair & Lovely event last week. It brings back so much memory. During the event, we were presented with the Video screening of “Detik Terindah bersama Fair & Lovely” advertisement. Have you saw it before? I bet you do since it have been airing and to date it have achieved 1.4 million views on youtube.

If you are familiar with the advert, I am sure you heard of the song that plays in the background. The song titled is “Aku Cinta Padamu” composed and sing by Lokman Aslam. We are lucky that Fair & Lovely brings Lokman Aslam himself to sing the song for us on that day. The song represent the advert storyline about Alya and Adam.





Talking about Ayla and Adam, it is a story about a girl who regain her confidence and about her love life on how she meet Adam. Well, you have to read the book if you want to know all the juicy details! Yes, the love story is documented in written form. The book is tittled “Detik Terindah bersama Fair & Lovely”. Written by Damya Hanna. On that day, the book was launched by Herry Budiazhari, Chong Yen Nee (Unilever Manager) and ofcause the writer Damya Hanna.

After the book was launched, 3 winners for “Detik Terindah” contest were announced and each bring back RM5,000 and Fair & Lovely Hamper worth Rm100. Congratulations to all winners!


Not just that here is the fun part, currently there is a contest titled “Lirik Terindah” happening from 13 Feb – 16 Mar 2014. All you need to do is create the most beautiful lyric and you will be in the running to win RM3,000 cash as well as getting your lyric to be converted into song and Lokman Aslam will sing it with a female artist. On top of that, you will also get the chance to witness the recording session as well as a signed CD by both aritist.


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  1. wah macam paking baru aje fair lovely ni hehe

  2. Hi dear,
    ceritakan bagaimana kamu menggunakan produk fair lovely tersebut,kami semua ingin tahu.


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