DROPS OF YOUTH by The Body Shop (Review)

Once in a while, I check out my old picture albums and reminiscing of how fast time fly. Just like a blink of an eye, I am now approaching my 30’s. Not just me, all of us facing m ore or less same situation whereby we age. It is a normal process of life. Dont despair since today I would like to share with you the wonders of Drop of Youth by The Body Shop.

Drop of Youth contained stem cells from Criste Marine and 98% minimum of natural ingredients. Before we move further, I would like to share that stem cells are biological cells that can divide into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells. A newborn baby has some 250,000 stem cells in his body. As the grows older, the stem cells either dwindle in number or gradually lose their innate vitality. However, the dermal stem cells residing in the bottom layer of the epidermis of our skin are capable of continuously producing new dermal cells, hence are the key to maintaining youthful skin.



Protecting and preserving the vitality of our dermal stem cells is all-important in retarding premature aging of our skin. When in excellent condition, dermal stem cells are capable of enabling skin rejuvenation and repair. More so, they play a crucial role in the renewal of damaged skin barrier at the cellular level. In other words, dermal stem cells are the key to keeping our skin hydrated and restoring its youthful radiance.




Criste Marine Stem Cells have a rich cache of the "essense of youth" that delays aging. Plant stem cell is in the active state of a plant's life. It can provide endless energy and skin repair capacity. Criste Marine thrives on cliff tops along the coastlines of France. Since this unique type of sea algae sustains itself by absorbing nutrients from sea mist and high waves, it has developed a robust life system. It spends 12 hours submerged in seawater and the other 12 hours on the stones under the hot scorching sun. Criste Marine only grows during the springtime and has to be manually harvested. Its scarcity and special attributes have earned itself the reputation of being "the most precious skin-care ingredient of the 21st Century". Which explains why The Body Shop decided to made it as the vital ingredients in Drop of Youth.

The skin repair benefits of the plant stem cells of Criste Marine are accredited to their strikingly powerful affinity to the human skin cells. In particular, they work wonders in:

  • improving skin elasticity and radiance
  • promoting speedy wound healing
  • expediting dermal metabolism
  • preserving structural integrity of skin lipids
  • reducing melanin (which causes freckles) formation
  • initiating various skin protection functions.



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Check out the bottle, it is made out of glass and each bottle contained 30 ml costing RM129 each. Within 5 days you will be able to see the result. The serum is very light and has a cooling effect when applied. You can feel the cooling effect as you applied. The smells reminded me of the smell of fresh cut grass after the rain. It is refreshing and calming at the same time.

Check out the awesome dispenser! It helps me to suck just the right amount of product to be applied on my skin. You may use it as pre-serum or you may also add a drop of product into your current skin care regime. I learned this trick from watching the official video from The Body Shop. I found it quite brilliant. Since if you are in the hurry especially in the morning, just drop it into your moisturizer and apply it at one go.


As you can see, each drop is as clear as water and the consistency is obviously thicker than water due to all the active ingredients in it plus it is fast absorbing. You may also to check out video below as it will help you to understand better. Prevention is always better then cure and it is always not too early to take care of your skin or start using anti aging product,



Yes, you may also buy it online from The Body Shop website, I saw some online promotion going on at the site as well. Have fun shopping ladies!





* I am not paid to write this review. Product courtesy by The Butterfly Projects  and The Body Shop. As usual, I will test and review products or services regardless of whether they have been sent to me or not with honesty. Unless stated so in the post or marked with an asterisk, all products featured on this blog have been bought with my own hard-earned pennies. I started this blog to give my two pennies worth of thought and have fun along the way and that is exactly how this blog shall remain.


  1. Lovely review Illy <3

    A lot about products using Stem Cells nowadays but it is always so expensive. It's great to hear that The Body Shop provides one at such an affordable range :)


    1. thank you for dropping by babe :)

      Yes, do agree with you it can be pricey when ever stem cells were incorporated in product.. maybe due to the hype.. and glad that The Body Shop decided to introduce it at an affordable price tag!


  2. Great review illy... I guess I shall get my my drops of youth so i wudnt age so soooooonnnnn... hahaha

    1. arigaot babe :) will improve from time to time! n you are right, it is never early to keep your skin young n healthy <3 hehehee


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