Baby Shower Party

Olla everyone!

Today, I would like to write about an important event that have a special spot in my heart. I am going to write about my baby shower as well as kenduri doa selamat. Honestly, my husband was against the baby shower idea and he thought that is unnecessary and “mengada” and it is not our culture to do so.

Being an “ambitious” wife (you may replace it with degil + mengada) I did not easily give up. I tried convincing him ever since when I am 3 months pregnant. Imagine berapa lama aku plan n to get approval from him? After numerous effort buat air, urut kepala, cakap manja, cakap mengada and all the other “pujuk” tactics, he finally give in.

I told him, I just wanted to share this special moment with my close kawan2 who are there supporting me when I am down.. I want to share happiness them. Then lepas dapat green light, apa lagi??

Quickly inform The Butterfly gang about the good news! To my uttermost pleasant surprise, Tammy volunteered to organise my baby shower. I am beyond high! She da la the queen of party and she want to organise my party? Is this really happening??? Like a dream come true.


So what happened was, my husband gave like a budget for me (we are not kaya people so we have to set aside budget) and Tammy did a splendid job stretching the budget and I have a feeling that the whole party cost double than what the budget we gave her.

Gosh.. I don’t know how to balas budi dah ni…

The whole event was a surprise, Tammy just ask for colour preference as theme and my wish list (I put up at pintrest) then she ask for my guest list. (sorry that I cant afford to invite everyone T.T ). That are the only 2  things, I got to be involved and that’s the only thing I happened to know about the baby shower. Other than that and all the other details, all follow up and all the crazy stuff happening behind the scene was handled by Tammy. I don’t even know where is the location of the party up till the last minute.

I am truly blessed to have her as my friend to the point of I don’t even know how to repay back her kindness. I mean it takes up a lot of energy, time and money to organise an event and she is kind enough to help to do it. Dah la I know her bz schedule memang no time punya, she pulak help me like this.


Check out the Baby Shower invite that designed by Tammy. Cantik tak?? I only have the censored version, she gave me this invite n blocked the venue part since it is supposed to be a surprise.


Day after day, I waited patient and excitedly for the exact day to come. Finally the day arrived and I woke up super early to put on make up, gosok baju and get ready. Felt like a princess preparing for a ball.(PERASAN NYER)

On that day, I was send by my hubby and bro to the venue, my husband did not join the session as he have other things to settle and he is sporting enough to let me enjoy a girly session with my kawan2. My bro is around to teman me plus most of my kawan2 memang kenal my bro and my bro help to take picture as well.

I was hand held to enter the venue, check out the video below! The baby shower was held at POSH Nail Spa! Weeehoooo!


The ladies did an awesome job keeping the secret up to the last minute. Being an excited n tak reti sabar girl, I tried asking my kawan2 where is the location of the event. I tried asking coco, poi yee and few others but it does not work. They do not fall for my trick.. hahaha… Actually few days before the event Caro n Ayna almost bocor rahsia.. haha.. 1 day before event pun Tammy da nak hampir bocor it happened? Biar lah rahsia.. too long to cerita here.


As I walk in, I am sooooo freaking happy! How can I not be happy? My awesome kawan2 are there and the setup is just super pretty. Kudos to Ask Joey for being the party planner. So cantik the ruffle cake kan?? The setup was beyond my imagination.


This cute setup here is one of my most favourite deco of the party. I had it in my wishlist and it comes true!! Great thanks to Tammy’s mum who helped to make it happen. She is the one who do it. So cantik right? Got cute2 romper which is a message note and it is so sweet to keep as memories.











On that day, we had so much fun. All the ladies lepaking while getting their pedicure done. Tammy arranged for me to be pampered and enjoy the pampering package by Posh Nail Spa. I have been to Posh Nail Spa during The Butterfly Project spa party. The owner of the spa Serene is a very nice lady and all her staff are super friendly. I personally love their BIG and comfy seat and their massage style. Menang syiok lah. (Tammy even arranged to use Magic Wand from Lush as our foot soak! The moment I detect the yummy smell of the foot soak, I automatically knew it is LUSH!! Omg pengsan..) My friend Coco is a bride to be and she decide to sign for their bridal package on that day as well. Yes, Posh Nail Spa do have bridal package, you can check out their fb if you want to know more details.

One of the highlight of the day was the baby poop game. We were given with few pampers and we need to guess what type of poop in the pampers. Don’t worry as much as how convincing it looks, it is not real poop. Hahaha.. It is actually crushed chocolate. Winners are Deiseree, Alice and Caroline. Ini semua confirm sweet tooth ni. And yes, Tammy prepared the game as well.


Arigato to JOHNSON'S® Baby for being kind enough to sponsor the goodie bag for all the guest. Each one of my kawan2 goes home with the whole range of JOHNSON'S® Baby Bed Time. Do you know that Johnson's® has created a nightly routine that is proven to help your baby fall asleep easier and sleep through the night better. Before bed, treat your baby to a warm bath using Johnson's® Bedtime Bath®, then gently massage skin with Johnson's Bedtime Lotion®.

Each product releases NaturalCalm™, a patent-pending blend of gentle and soothing aromas. Your baby will drift off to a better night's sleep. Johnson's® Bedtime Bath® has exclusive No more Tears® formula and is clinically proven mild, allergy tested and formulated to keep baby's skin feeling soft. Since it is soo gentle and delicate obviously it can use by adult as well. I hope all of my guest enjoy the product and have a great sleep at night by using this range.

Before we end the party, we had present opening session, thank you so much everyone for the presents. It helps us a lot. Like seriously, felt really touched by all your kind thoughts put into each of the present.


THANK YOU SO MUCH TAMMY for organising such a fun, memorable and such an awesome baby shower. It is beyond my expectation and truly grateful for all your hard work. I don’t know how to repay all your time and effort that you have poured into making this party a success. To Ayna, Caro and Nala, thank you for helping around during the party as well. Yes I noticed and really thankful! HUGS!!





P/s: I am going to write and share (soon) about kenduri doa selamat that we held on 22 March 2014. We are really thankful to our creator for giving us a chance to felt this amount of happiness and for granting and blessing us with a child. It is a very simple and intimate session where most of our family members come together and say prayers together. Apart from being happy for our soon to be born daughter, we also like remember our family members who have passed away. Which is why we combined our doa selamat with tahlil. We tried our very best to appreciate and thank everyone who have been supporting and loving us all the way. We are not perfect but we ensure that we will try to be a better person each day.


Picture credit to : Tammy Lim, Ask Joey, Caroline, my bro and JOHNSON'S® Baby.  

Updated Click here : Kenduri Doa Selamat Post


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    1. Thank you for dropping by Syaza :) a ah.. alhamdulilah berjalan lancar n memang best <3

  2. Assalsmualaikum illy, wahh best gilaaaa... singgah menabung ford untuk baby illy~~~

    1. walaikumusalam Sheila.. alhamdulilah bole merasa share happiness dgn kawan2 :) <3 Take care tau... kita due date dekat2 semoga semua berjalan lancar.. illy doakan yang baik2 untuk Sheila <3

  3. Love u Illy! <3 ahh watching the video again, so sweet and that was really fun to have everyone there together to share the happiness with u! thanks for having us!! mwahugs!

    1. love you lagi banyak!! the event was special because all of you were there :) hugs!! <3

  4. It's a very awesome event!!! So sweet!

    1. it is babe :) Thank you for dropping by <3 Have an awesome day ahead ya <3

  5. aawww so shwweeettt ... have a safe delivery ;)

    1. Arigato babe :) thank you for the kind wish <3 hugs!

  6. baca pun dah tau mesti best sangat... take care illy darling..

    1. terima kasih kak lily :) kalau kak lily ada masa tu lagi best <3 take care tooo!

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    It was funny. Keep on posting!

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  8. so so nice :) i never had one... but if i have another baby, i must make one :) it sound so fun :) thanks for the inspiration :)

  9. Seronok je tengok...hehehe boleh tambah lagi ni, ily ;)

  10. Iewww ape tu? Makan poop! Hahahhaha. Teruk tau :p

  11. Wowww. U hv a bunch of sweet friends! You must had warmed with their love.


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