The Launch - Dove's School of Skindulgence

Olla everyone! If you are on my blog fb page or on my Instagram, I bet you might notice that I have been sharing (or spamming.. hahahaha) your timeline with #eatright #stayactive #betterthanmilk post. If you are wondering what is it all about stay tune as I am going to share on how you can be a part of it as well

Last week, thanks to Dove Body Wash and The Butterfly Project I was given an opportunity to join the launch of “Experience Skindulgence with Dove” contest. The event was held at The Apartment, the restaurant was transformed beautifully and it looks so amazing. As I walk in, I saw rows of table with lots of kitchen utentils. I am like “ apa ni nak masak apa ni?” hahaha..


The host on that day is Azah Yazmin and she explain about the contest. It is actually an invite to get as many people to pledge for a healthier lifestyle. During the event, we were shared with statistics that 55% if women claim that they are only able to have 1-2 hours a day to themselves, and that equates to quite a rush, and an inability to indulge in the experience of taking care of yourself. Plus 75% of women feel like indulging their skin daily works out to be extremely costly, and 88% agree that spas are expensive.

Dove would like to scrap this mentality and help everyone to prove themselves that anyone can eat healthy, have an awesome self-pampering and stay active at their own without forking out a big chunk of money.

As easy as spending nice bath or shower experience with Dove, you will be able to treat your skin. Do you know that Dove star product which had been reformulated and included a patented form of technology known as NutriumMoisture which basically means it provides nutrients and moisture. It is also proven to be better than milk.



NEW Dove Body Washes with NutriumMoisture :

· Helps rebuildskin’s beauty from the inside the epidermis layer by replenishing lipids so itfeels more beautiful on the outside

· Unlikemoisturizers in regular body washes that wash away during cleansing, when usedregularly NutriumMoisture™ penetrates surface skin 20 layers deep into theepidermis layer of the skin to replenish and nourish

· Clinically proven to maintain skin’s beauty when used regularly


I learned about their technology sometime around last year, when they kindly invite me to join the launch back then. Arigato once again! You may read about the write up via this link



During the event, we were given a taste of how easy to eat right, get pampered as well as to stay active. We were divided into 3 groups. Group A, get to enjoy the cooking experience. Where they learned how to make yummy n healthy meal. so syiok they all got to main masak2 pulak..



I am in Group B. At this section we learned about Dove is better than milk. Live demo were given and we could also test it ourself. It shows that moisture level of skin improve way more after application of Dove compared to milk. 



The last group is group C. Here they learned about how to stay active and had a simple exercise session. Dont worry it is just a very light exercise.



Siapa yang gemuk tu kenal tak? illy n baby!  hahaha.. So far I am now 7 months plus pregnant.. Before the event ended I go and snap picture with the star product of the day. I have been using dove for awhile honestly and I even write about it before and include it into my Jun 2013 favourite product post. (check it out here


I like their signature smell and the moisturizing feeling a lot and glad that this product were introduced  at a very affordable price and so many other able to enjoy the goodness..





So what is this contest all about? All you need to do is join go to dove fb ( click on the apps and join. dont forget to click “I am a member of The Butterfly Project” If you are a member. Do you know that the first 250 members from The butterfly Project will get a hamper once they completed the 21 days challenge?? 



So far this is my day 6th. I am trying my best do all there challenge a day. Have you joined?  Hows your challenge goes so far? Well, apart from joining this awesome campaign, Dove will also bring 10 person to all sponsored trip to KRABI as a rewards for the winners!


Have fun participating and dont forget the hashtag ya?


  1. I wanna go to Krabi to sun my ass:D

  2. I wanna go n just lepak at the beach.. baring then roll to the right n to the left like nobody business!! :P hahaha

  3. i also wanna go...lepak and golek

  4. hahaahahha hopefully we all able to go can lepak golek together hahahahaha

  5. babe i tak paham the #betterthanmilk tag tu..kena letak gambar dgn dove only ke anything to do with "love yourself"? hehehe

    1. yang #betterthanmilk tu.. apa2 self pampering pun bole :) DIY scrub at home ker, mandi dove ke, potong kuk pun boleh :)

  6. Kak Illy, caption gambar tak boleh blah. ahahaahah :)

  7. i like Dove shampoo, yes! it's nourishing as it claimed. i introduced it to my sis.


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