Part 2 – First Trimester (Sharing the news with family and friends, my hand written pregnancy journal + ultrasound)

This is a continuous post of my pregnancy journey. Just incase you want to check out part one, you may do so by clicking here. Okay, let’s start. Once I am done sobbing in the toilet on Oct 2, 2013. All my sense come back. I take time to absorb whats happening. When you really2 want something and it happened you cant help but to feel numb and happy and blur and confuse all in a good way,, The rush of emotion that I felt on that moment is something that I would forget ever.

So first thing, I did is to call my husband. He was like? ARE YOU SERIOUS????????????????????? We are so happy… (once I put down the call, I end up crying again.. my god now I sounded like a cry baby) Then I called up my mum and my in law. ( ya,, I am too excited that I cant think straight post a fb status saying the best day of my life!! ( I didn’t say for what, but some guess correctly as maybe they know that we desperately wanted a baby).. I make all the call in the ladies room) whats app my close friends.


Then I remembered, I should not get too excited. I need to grab a grip and stay cool since I need to protect our baby. It is not good to let people know if you are less than 3 months pregnant. I don’t know if this is true or not. The only thing I know is that I cant afford to risk my baby so I keep it shut and wait patiently for my baby to grow. At the that time our baby size is as big as a peanut! I don’t know I am able to love a “peanut” size baby more than anything in the world!

Since I had a miscarriage case before, I need to come and meet my doc more frequent that other ladies and it turn out that I had bleeding at my uterus. I am sad. Honestly, when our doc tell me that once of the reason I got the bleeding is because I am too active I felt like whole world is trembling down. I never felt soo scared, guilty and sad at the same time. Due to that I am advised to take medication to help make my uterus strong and to protect my baby. I eat all the medicine prescribed by doc and reduce my activity. I act like everything is normal during the day but due to my hormone and the amount of guilt I felt.. I develop this habit of crying in the middle of the night saying sorry and making promises to my baby (that is when I started my baby journal, will share about it shortly) Nothing much I can do, but to reduce my activity and pray and wait…



Time pass and thank you to Allah the bleeding gone! and I decided to officially announce my pregnancy on fb after we went for gender check. It was my 20th week of pregnancy. On the actual date, my parent in laws came and give us support. I am so nervous. Honestly we don’t mind the gender of our baby. The most important is that our baby is healthy. That is the most important thing for me. I know my husband would love to have a baby girl. He do not have any girl siblings it is only him and his bro all the while and he have been talking to me.. that he bet that his parent will be super happy if they able to have granddaughter. Well, they wont mind boy or a girl.. We would love our baby no matter what in the best way we ever know.

So, I went in with my husband and get my ultrasound. Guess what? It is a girl.. yeay!!!! I am imagining aby skirt, pinky ruffle and tutu on my way back home. I am going to share more on what I purchase and all the research I did on my Part 3 Pregnancy Journey Post.


Check out my written journal and some of baby scan video. I find it therapeutic to have a written journal during my pregnancy. It helps me to “communicate” with my baby and it makes me feel relax. I hope one day, I will able to share this journal and give it to my girl when she is grown up.

As for body changes, I got like a small bump at my tummy but it does not obviously look pregnant yet. As for other things, I don’t have severe morning sickness ( Alhamdulillah, I salute those who survive morning sickness) I don’t have that much craving. The only thing I wanted is Snow flakes. (Gonna share my snow flakes story in other entry… this entry pun da panjang sangat ni). I do experience fatigue and restless leg syndrome but it is normal and bearable. The only challenging part for me is the leg cramp. I got it almost daily. Since doc said it is normal then I don’t mind as long as my baby is healthy that is I wanted to know. Other than that? Bring it on mama! I am here to layan and endure everything hahahaha….


Week 9 – Baby Scan

Week 11 – Baby Scan

Thank you so much for reading my entry and I am currently 7 months pregnant. I am planning, to divide my pregnancy journey into 5 parts.

Part 3 – Second Trimester (Temptation of baby preparations and the researched I did)
Part 4 – Third Trimester ( Baby Shower!! plus more n more belly pictures!)
Part 5 – Giving Birth ( will be focusing on post natal treatment and baby products)
Some of the other pregnancy entry and blogpost that I have written earlier, as per below

I will link all the post once I have completed writing it up so that it is easier just incase you want to check it out.  The main reason I decide to write capture my journey and share it with you, is that I would like to share my happiness and hoping that it will give some insight and maybe tips of those who trying to conceived or currently pregnant. I am not an expert at pregnancy but I just wanted to share my experience and my taught based on what I go through.
Please pray that my journey will be smooth, that my baby is healthy and that I will be able to survive the giving birth process. I could never thank everyone enough for all the kind prayers.



  1. Assalamualaikum illy, nak nangis sheila baca ni illy... same goes to me. nangis dan menggigil masa tengok double line naik. Tak sangka, Allah beri rezeki untuk kita rasa nikmat terindah ni. Allahuakbar. Best baca your journey... semoga dipermudahkan urusan bersalin nanti, take care my dear. Our due date kurang seminggu je, im getting nervous nowdays. Tengok friends semua dah bersalin. Read their experienced, fuhh. Lagi menggigil lutut. But, feeling excited nak tengok baby ~~~

    1. HUGS!!! semoga kita sama2 chill and dipermudahkan urusan hendaknya.. amin2 terima kasih singgah sini baca journey illy :) illy doakan yg terbaik untuk sheila n baby :) take care tauuuuuu.. mana tau kita nanti berpantang sama timeline hehehe <3

  2. Oh my, I am SO excited for you! Exciting times ahead. Oh, don't forget to plan a Baby Moon in there too - a getaway with the hubby before the baby arrives as you'll be very busy once she does make her grand entrance, Illy! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you for sharing the happiness babe! :) We do go for a mini baby moon.. just a simple quite one.. just a one night staycation <3

      Appreciate the kind wishes babe!! <3

  3. so excited for u - reading ur blog reminds me the time when i was pregnant! it is so exciting, full of suspense :) hehehe.... scary but happy :)

  4. u hv did a great journal for ur bb, she wil definitely appreciate you.

  5. So happy to see the all moment u has been meet it


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