Part 3 – Second Trimester (Temptation of baby preparations & Development)


Olla ladies!

As promised, today I would like to continue my Pregnancy journey post. This is Part 3, if you would like to check out part 1 and part 2, do scroll down as I already linked it all. Hope it helps. For this Part 3 I am going to focus more on activity I did during second trimester which start from week 13 -27. During the early stages of pregnancy, I downloaded lots of pregnancy app in my phone. There are so many apps out there some were are free and some you need to pay. I downloaded the free ones and find it very useful. Since there are so many out there, here I share with you some of the apps that worth downloading in my opinion:

1) Baby Center

2) Baby Checklist

3) BabyBump Pregnancy Free

4) Mom 2 Be Pregnancy Tracker

5) My Pregnancy

You don’t need that many as most of the sites will give more or less the same info and I also found youtube to be very resourceful when it comes to information about pregnancy. Mostly every night, I spend time doing some research via youtube. I watch pregnancy vlog and check out others ultrasound. To the point of watching giving birth videos.. Yes, anyway I would suggest for you not to watch giving birth videos if you have a weak heart like me.

Like seriously, it gave me like a lil panic attack. I start feeling scared as I don’t know how to face giving birth experience. I hope mine will be bearable. I also heard lots of stories from friends and family members about their experience and those who they know off. Hurm.. Wondering how my experiences will be like? Keep on praying, I will try my very best to endure all the pain as long as my baby is healthy brought into the world. Please give me the strength Allah.


21 weeks trying to look stylish LOL


21 weeks with my granma and my bro


During my 21 weeks of pregnancy, my husband and I decided to go and visit my granma from my mother side. Of coz we bring hafiz together. Gila tak bawak die? Cucu kesayangan my granma budak hafiz ni.. During my 21 weeks, my baby bump started to show. At that point I am 5 months plus pregnant.

It is like our babymoon, my granma stay in Pahang. So we drove all the way to Pahang to visit her. She cooks the most yummy food in my opinion. No matter how simple it is always the best when your food is cooked with love.

My granma shared lots of tips with me and I am grateful for that. I love her dearly.


23 weeks at the Baby Expo

On my 23 weeks of pregnancy, I went to Baby Expo. It was my first time going to Baby expo and learn quite a number of tips. Like you need to be super early and need to know exactly what you looking for. Don’t linger around or else all the good deal will be gone. I wrote a post about it hoping that it might help others. At least, those who are first timer like me would know what to expect and have some overview about baby expo.


23 weeks smiling with Caro

Also during my 23 weeks, I went to try out Prenatal Massage at Villa Manja with the ladies. It was a relaxing moment and thank you to Tammy for organizing. We utilise our worthy book voucher for that session. I found it to be very relaxing and hopefully I can come back for another session of prenatal massage before my due date. Anyway, since it is in CNY mood we decided to enjoy Yee Sang after our session and did I mention we hentam yummy nasi lemak with rendang as well?? Hahaha.. Well, I wrote about my prenatal massage experience as well and you may get the link down below before the end of this post.



23 weeks in Ultra Sound room with my bro and my hubby

One of the best moments during my second trimester was the detailed scan session. So happy to get more details about my baby. Hope that she will stay happy and healthy in my tummy. Can’t wait to hold her in my arm.

Check out below for the detailed baby scan video. Please excuse all the funny background sound as I am too excited and my bro n my hubby were making baby sounds as well hahaha..


23 Weeks Detailed Baby Scan





24 weeks posing by the river

During my 24 weeks, we went to Ulu Langat for my cousin wedding. I am getting chubbier than ever. During my second trimester I started to felt back pain and experience more leg cramps. Well, to me it is a process so I just go with the flow and try my best to enjoy every moment.


25 weeks with mummy blogger friends at Johnson’s Baby event.

During my 25 weeks I went to event hosted by Johnson’s Baby and learn quite a lot of tips. I learned about how crucial to pick the right baby products. It is a very beneficial session. Yes, I also wrote about it earlier, just incase you want to know tips about how to select baby product well do check out the post k?

So that’s about it my second trimester experience and this is Part 3 of my pregnancy journey. Thank you so much for reading my entry and I am currently 8 months pregnant. I am planning, to divide my pregnancy journey into 5 parts.

Part 1 – The Good news!

Part 2 – First Trimester (Sharing the news with family and friends, my hand written pregnancy journal + first ultrasound)

Part 3 – Second Trimester (Temptation of baby preparations & Development)

Part 4 – Third Trimester ( Baby Shower!! plus more n more belly pictures!)

Part 5 – Giving Birth ( will be focusing on post natal treatment and baby products)


Some of the other pregnancy entry and blogpost that I have written earlier, as per below

Perbandingan Set Bersalin

Pregnancy Tips on what to do, what to eat, what to avoid and many more

Prenatal Massage Experience at Villa Manja

Baby Things to buy and Wishlist

Maternity Expo Experience

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Baby Shower

Kenduri Doa Selamat dan Kesyukuran


I will link all the post once I have completed writing it up so that it is easier just incase you want to check it out.  The main reason I decide to write capture my journey and share it with you, is that I would like to share my happiness and hoping that it will give some insight and maybe tips of those who trying to conceived or currently pregnant. I am not an expert at pregnancy but I just wanted to share my experience and my taught based on what I go through.

Please pray that my journey will be smooth, that my baby is healthy and that I will be able to survive the giving birth process. I could never thank everyone enough for all the kind prayers.




  1. Assalamualaikum illy, sheila pun nervous nowdays. heee. semoga dipermudahkan urusan bersalin. jaga diri baik2 illy ~~~

    1. walaikumusalam Sheila :) kita due date dekat2 selang seminggu jer.. semoga sama2 dipermudahkan aminnnnnnnnnnnn.. take care Sheila <3 Hugs!

  2. Kak Illy! kita rasa nak nangis pulak tengok scanning baby tu! so cute! dgr Hafiz yang excited ni! hahahah

    1. jgn la nangis :) hugs!!

      hahaha.. hafiz memang excited, die dgn johan bukan main macam2 sound effect keluar tgk baby scan :)

  3. You can do it! ^^ I think the giving birth experience would be painful too but it's something god wants us to go through and we get to bring a new life to this world <3 I hope everything goes smoothly, all the best illy <3

    1. thank you so much for the support and kind wish babe!! <3 will try my very best... hopefully bearable <3 hugs!!

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  5. looking lovely and radiant while pregnant :) pretty :)

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  7. hi thank you for sharing ur stories. it helps a lot. im a new mother too and i would like to know kat mana you buat check up ye. dr die best la share semua pasal baby

    1. i am so happy to know this :) thank you sebab sudi singgah kat my humble blog. I buat check up kat tropicana medical center. you will love them


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