Birthday Post 2014

Olla everyone Smile

Today is a very special day. It is going to be a birthday post! Hurm.. brace yourself as this is gonna be looong personal post. (Yes, now in emo mood thanks to my hormone)

By the time this post is up online, I will be 27 years old in couple of hours. What??? I heard people saying that looked too young some said I looked too old.. I am not sure, but what I am very sure off is that I look FAT.dont try to sejukan kan my hati and said.. no la where got.. I knew the weighting scale don’t lie. Anyway, I am not going to membebel and being dramatic about my weight. I accept it as it is, I am pregnant and I don’t mind as long as my baby is healthy.

Just because I laugh a lot, that doesn’t mean my life is easy peasy. I am just human. I have weaknesses. I made mistakes and I experience sadness. However, I learn from all these things to make me a better person Smile 

At times, we do felt tired and demotivated. Don’t worry and do not be sad as it is a natural life curve. Normally when I felt tired, I will try to divert the energy into something more positive. Like counting my blessing. Sometime it just helps to make me realise, oh hey.. life is not that bad.. I just need to learn to be more grateful and appreciative.

List down things or people that make you happy and felt loved. Some people try to bring you down because they do not have what you have. So when people try to bring you down, don’t bother, just go on with your life and continue doing what you love and spread kindness to all. That’s is far more important… what ever you do in life the main important thing is your intention.. If your intention is good, no matter what just pursue and follow your heart.

As human being, I do have my flaws and you can’t expect everyone to like you since even you don’t even like everyone right? I will try my very best to improve from time to time and be the best person I could ever be, I am thankful of my little2 achievement and I remember everyone who help me along the way.. and ofcoz I wont easily forget those who step on my tail as well. MUAHAHAHAHAHa…

Before I proceed “membebel”, I would like to thank my parents. To my mum and my dad, I love you both so much. Thank you for bringing me to this world. I won’t be here, feeling all this this happiness and experiencing all of this adventure without both of you. I owe everything actually I owe my life to both of us. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and gues what this year your daughter is going to be a mum tooooo!

Anyway, what is it like to be 27 for me? Hurm.. looking back the pass 1 year, I must say LIFE is FULL of SUPRISES. Like seriously.. the amount of thrill and fun that I go through it is really like a roller coaster ride. It might be a walk in a park to lots of other strong people out there but to me it is hell of a ride.

So what really happened in the pass 1 year? One of the best thing ever happened to me and my family is my pregnancy. It really changed me, like seriously.. Now I see everything in a mother’s perspective. Sometime it breaks my heart. Whenever, I saw any news or just when I was walking and I saw kids.. Everything seems so different.. It is like your suddenly had a brain or emotion make over that your heart is more fragile than ever and I never knew human are capable to feel that way.

I give you an example, I was at home.. and my husband saw a cockroach. Automatically he want to spray the lil fella and kill him. I don’t know why, I automatically felt SAD T.T I told my husband.. “jangan la bunuh dia, kesian la nanti mak dia cari macam mana?” then yes, before I burst out crying, my husband decided to not kill the cockroach. So ya, that is one of the situation that happened.. there are more but maybe we keep it for another session..

My main point here is, I am humbly grateful to ALLAH for giving me a chance to go through pregnancy process and to hopefully be a good mom and I this is one of the up and down that make me wont ever forget this year ever.

Apart for that, I am grateful that my husband have been very supportive not just this year but the whole duration that I have known him. I knew his for 5 years and yes time flies.. We dated for nearly 1 year and a half then I got engaged to him for 11months and then I am his wife up till now and hopefully till my last breath. Of cos he have some flaws but he is my husband given to me by Allah and I love him dearly. He never spoilt me with branded stuff, gadgets or fancy vacation. In fact, he never bought me any fancy phones at all and he even forgotten my birthday a couple of times. LOL ya.. now that I am writing about it, I found it funny. He is who he is. He is far from romantic, he is not active on facebook, plus he don’t like public display of affection.. I think he wrote on my fb wall less than 5 times on the whole duration of my relationship with him. Well, after 5 years together I turn to be this girl who never expected anything. Yes, that’s the best. When you don’t hope for anything you wont be sad.. atleast that’s what I figured. We cant expect everyone’s love story to be the same right? Mine is simple.. to me, he is my prince charming. He is the one who stay by me and support me all the time. He is always cheering me up, he totally understand me, well.. the other things that make me love him more and more.. The way he remembers I don’t like to eat the outer layer of a bread when he once in a while surprise me with breakfast and so many other lil things.. I become more and more appreciative.

My bro is just super awesome. I love him dearly nuffsaid. He is going to be an uncle.. hahaha I need another chapter to explain to you one by one what we face together. The thing is my life wont be the same without him around.

I am glad that I made lots of nice friend who genuinely care about me in The Butterfly Projects, bloggers,PR and brands... I am also glad that my precious friendship with my buddies from primany school, highschool, my ex workplace nokia, ytl, fedex as well as current workmate in eBay continue to grow. Sometime you never know with who your life path will crossed with.. I am glad to meet each one of my kawan and hope that all of these relationship will last a lifetime.

So ya.. that’s what I appreciate the most for the pass 1 year. I hope this year, I will be blessed with enough courage to go for another roller coaster ride of life.. till next year post!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILLY! Wishing you happiness, wealth, health and all happy things in life! We all definitely cant wait to meet your new family member! I love you and glad I meet you and be friend with you! You are one amazing person that deserve amazing things in life! Happy Birthday!!!! *pops confetti*

  2. Selamat Hari Lahir Kak Illy, Semoga panjang umur murah rezeki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan.

    I'm really proud of you Kak Illy and tak sabar nak jumpa baby! Saya doakan rezeki Kak illy semakin bertambah dan doakan menjadi seorang ibu yang baik untuk anak-anak Kak Illy. :)

  3. 🎉🎊Happy Birthday!!🎂🎁🎀

    Yeayy cant believe it in few hours u are 27 muahahah😄
    May u happy here & hereafter!
    This year birthday is soo special, u got baby in ur tummy 👶
    Stay awesome and lovely as always!
    Love uuu forever mysister!
    Happyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  4. Happy birthday Illy!....nice blog hehehe...keep in touch ya...i follow :)

  5. Happy Bday Illy dear,

    I'm wishing you a fabulous birthday this year with the arrival of your little one soon, you gonna have the best birthday gift ever @_@ Keep being the fantastic person you are & thank you for being an awesome friends all this while, love you babe <3 <3 <3 Muahssssss~

  6. Assalamualaikum illy, selamat hari lahir dear! semoga dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik, sukses dalam hidup dan bahagia bersama keluarga tercinta ~~~

  7. you inspired me that "appreciation" is important.

  8. Birthday is the time we appreciate mom has be born us to this world


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