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Have you heard of Ninetology? I bet you do. NINETOLOGY is an ASEAN mobile device technology company that camoe out with lots of interesting and competitive phones. Do you know that Ninetology is Malaysia-based smartphone manufacturer? Yes! you are right. Amazing right? Wait till you hear about this.. as per Dec 2013, Ninetology announced RM180 million in revenue with 12% mobile device market share in Malaysia. Plus, Ninetology sold over 1 million phones ever since it was established, and they are targeting RM380 million in term of revenue by closing of 2014.

Recently, ninetology hosted an Ninetology U9 Plane Livery Event at Sepang in collaboration with Air Asia and this aligned with their "So WOW For All" marketing campaign. The So Wow For All is a campaign that will run for the whole year of 2014 with the aim to  "wow" everyone. A whole FLIGHT wrapped in Asean theme is sure way to “wow” a user and attract future user! Check out the pictures of the plane below.

This “WOW for ALL” campaign starts with the launch of Ninetology's latest model, the colourful U9J1 which comes in four funky and fun colours - rave red, classic black, fuschia pink and neon green. This full fledged Android does everything a smartphone can do but at a price tag of only RM199.Yes, you read it right only RM199. Super affordable if you ask me and you may also check out the specification in the picture below. (It comes with dual sim capabilities as well)


Due to its funky colours, cosplay were incorporated during its launch. For cosplay lover, do you see any familiar faces in the pictures below?

Thank you for spending time reading my post. What do you think? Will you give it a go? and are you one of ninetology user now?


P/s: A little birdie told me that Ninetology also has a monthly giveaway (themed #9Giveaway) on every 9th of the do head on to their facebook and website for more info.


  1. yay for pretty people and pretty plane! lol

    *passing by..

    1. it is :) n good value for money as well :) Thank you for dropping by Isaac.

  2. wow.. is it ok the phone? have u tried? i must check this out :)


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