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Olla everyone!

Today I would like to share with you about 2 product by Bunga Tanjung. Have you heard of it before? I bet many of you do, this product has been in the market since 1970’s amazing right? I remembered my mum use this product when I was a kid, as I grew up it is one of the first body scrub that I have tried. This product is very familiar especially if you love herb based products.  

Last time, I remembered they came in paper cover and there is like big sachet inside make out of white plastic, well now they change the packaging and I found it great since the paper cover that they had last time make it abit challenging to place it in your bathroom. Glad that they improvise Smile 

Lets talk about the first product (the signature product for over 40 years!) it is Bedak Berubat Bunga Tangjung. you may check out below on what is written at the back of the packaging.


    What I love about this product is that, it is so natural it is safe to be used for women during confinement and guess what it may also be used for baby skin. I love to use this product to scrub my body.

Since I am also in the 3rd week of my confinement, found that this product is effective to remove the pigmentation I that I’ve develop during my pregnancy. The colour of my pigmentation reduced and it does a great job at removing dead skin. All thanks to their combination of herbal ingredients such as rice powder,tumeric powder, skin of rambai tree trunk and other herbal ingredients which are good for your skin.

The smell of the product reminds me of my herbal tea! It makes me “berangan” that I am a beautiful traditional asian princess while enjoying my beauty routines… (Perasanya..)



As you can see in two picture above, the first shows the texture of the product once. All you need to do is just mix it with some water and you will get a paste like the second picture. You can always adjust the thickness of the paste to your liking by adding more powder or more water.

I like my paste to be abit watery when applying at sensitive area like my tummy and thigh. As for other parts that need more scrubbing such as my elbow, knee and so on.. I like my paste to be slightly thicker. P/s: you may also use this paste as mask and you will notice that it makes your skin more radiant.



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Lets talk about the second product, it is one of the latest product by Bunga Tanjung. It is called SKRUB MUKA HERBA TRADITIONAL. This second product is actually innovated from the signature powder. This product is ready to use as you do not need to mix it with water anymore. As you can see in the pictures above, all you need to do is just squeeze and it is ready to be use.

I personally found that this product herbal smell is creamy and milder compared to the powder version. For those who prefer milder scent then this second product is for you. I have been using it on my face as mask and scrub.

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Didnt I told you that both products are super affordable?? The powder currently retailing at RM2.50 per pack and if you buy online the minimum purchase is 2 sachets so costing only RM5(yes, RM5 for a nice herbal scrub!) and the tube cost RM 15.90 each. I love it when good product were sold at affordable price. So that many people out there able to experience it as well Smile  You can easily find their products at kedai2 jamu/herbal nationwide or you can always get it from Mydin.

Thank you for reading my post and hope that you have an awesome day today!

If you like to know more info do check out their fb or website, I link it below






  1. great info dear ...
    gonna add up on my confinement list as well...
    barulah feeling2 orang dolu2 ... ngeeee

    1. glad you found it helpful babe :) bau dia memang feeling2 zaman pendekar <3 best pakai kulit rasa licin lepas basuh.. have a safe pregnancy tauu

  2. thanks for the insight Illy, I think I have seen the brand Bunga Tanjung before this quite a few times already but I thought it was a cooking product brand XD seems like I didn't really pay attention while shopping :P

    1. yezza it have been in the market for awhile :) have fun trying it out!

  3. Thank you for your kind words and for dropping by <3

  4. salam.... i pun dah try that bunga tanjung scrub.... sgt bagus walaypun murah.... u pakau kat muka n badan.... muka if uoall first time to try memg rasa gatal2 sikit.... tapi after that dier ok and jadi segar lembut.... kalay berterusan gatal better stop... badan pula u akan rasa kylit u segar and shinning sikit dari sebelum uoall pakai..... heeee

  5. Salam Admin & para Pengguna setia Bunga Tanjung,

    Untuk pembelian secara online, boleh layari www.bungatanjung.com.my


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