Why I want to WIN a truckload of Gong Cha drinks


olla everyone!

Remember The Butterfly Walk that we had recently? I enjoyed the Gong Cha drinks so much and now they having contest.. peewit Smile You may also win a truckload of Gong Cha Drinks for your own occasion.

Maybe you want to treat all of your workmate a yummy drink? or maybe you want Gong Cha to make your birthday more happening? All you need to do is just blog why you want to win it..

This is my submission Smile I dont want to miss the fun! I was thinking to plan a simple “kenduri” to get together with friends and family to celebrate Baby Sofea arrival. I would be great to treat our family and friends a yummy Gong Cha drinks.. Plus the Gong Cha truck will definitely make the kenduri more merrier!



If you are wondering how does the truck work, check out the video below Smile  and yes, you way also participate by clicking here : http://tinyurl.com/jwxkea5


Wish me all the best yaaaaaaaaa Smile Good luck to you too! and dont forget to hurry up as the dateline for the contest is May 30th, 2014 (few more days!)


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