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Olla everyone!

Dont you just love minimalist house design? I dont know about you.. for me I love the sleek, clean, simple yet elegant look when it comes to house decor. In my opinion = too many stuff = habuk = hard to clean. Well anyway, currently my house is in a mess.. Those who are close to me and that are on my fb/insta/twitter might know that I am currently in confinement and staying with my mum in law.. I am talking about my own home.. It is in mess now, thanks to being pregnant I cant be able to move so much and my hubby and bro is busy looking after me.

So now, that I have gave birth and resting… I start thinking to clear up my house and give it a lil make over in order to welcome our baby home! To do so, I was thinking to grab some modern home stuff to kick start the project Smile 

Since I am currently in confinement, I cant be able to move around so much or even go outdoor to hunt for home decor items. Which is why I would like to introduce you to  Thanks to I will be able to shop for my home decor at the comfort of being indoor. I can do it when ever since it is online. weee!!

Best part they are currently giving out RM50.00 Gift Card to spend on anything in their store.. with NO minimum spend required.  OMG yes! (Ya.. I know, me too.. I also dont like it when people give discount but with minimum purchase clause.. Thanks for the no minimum purchase clause!)

So how to get your gift card? All you need to do is just email and you too will receive a gift card. Limited to the first 250 people who email in. offering over 700 high-quality homeware and personal goods made from all around the world.So cantik.. I like their artistic yet simple design. Check out some of the items that caught my attention.. Super adorable Rabbit Plate, Brain Lamp (how creative right? and the happy pot!

Rabbit Plate

Brain Lamp

Happy Pot

There are so many choices to choose from, I also saw some Moroccan style mirror and exclusive designed vase even pottery. Dont forget to check out for more eye candy Smile 

I am currently having fun “berangan” putting some items into my wishlist.. weee! I also found out that if you sign up now, you will entitled to get 2 DAY delivery for the next 72 hours and yes once again no minimum purchase required.


Hopefully items from will help to make my house look lovelier to welcome our Baby Sofea home. Thank you for reading up my post and if you would like to know more, dont forget to check out corpick social sites. I link it below <3





Instagram: @corpickstore


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  2. hehehe, i like the 1st one, bunny is cutie


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