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Olla everyone!

When is the last time you travelled by bus? One of my most memorable trip on a bus is during my trip to Tioman with my hubby. We went from Terminal Selatan to Mersing and from there we took a ferry to Tioman. It was such a fun trip!

I remembered how tedious it was to and find time to purchase the tickets. Spend so much time to get parking at Pudu, then have to que to buy those tickets and all that. Long story short, I have to spend time and energy just to purchase the 2 tikets.

Which is why I am so happy when I found out with BusOnlineTicket.com I dont have to go trough all of that anymore.. Ya beda bedu…. I just buy my tickets online. All I need to do is just click2 and then settle.



Don't you just love the internet? BusOnlineTicket.com is so convenient to use. Since Raya is coming, you might consider to buy from this website instead of spending time to go out just to get tickets. Plus when you purchase only you will get immediate result of the availability for the date you wanted.

If you would like to plan for your next holiday to Singapore, or Thailand and even Indonesia you may still use this website to secure your bus tickets in those countries. Yes! This website can even be used when you out and about outside Malaysia. Check out the great selection of start point as well as destination.

Did I mention that it is also applicable for East Malaysia? Which mean lets say you are travelling to Kota Kinabalu and you wanted to go to Sandakan or Tawau. You don't have to find extra time to make the ticket purchase you can just do it at the comfort of your hotel room right before you go to sleep. Convenient huh?


As for the payment, they accept varieties of methods as well. You may pay via credit card or even opt for 7-11 cash payment if you stay around klang valley area.


Just incase you are still not familar with the website and have any difficulties. Which I bet hardly will happen as their booking step is very user friendly. Anyhow, just incase it does happen that you need any kind of help you can always contact their 24/7 email support and call up their hotline during office hour.

Thats about it Smile Have you tried this service before? Dont you think it is just so convenient? For more info, please click the link below :




They currently have this promotion, where they you get to enjoy a discount of 8% for 1 ticket.



  1. wow this web is amazingly convenient! I need it for my next trip.

  2. thanks for sharing this website

  3. The last time I traveled by bus was some years ago and yes, I remember having to go to the counter to purchase the ticket. Looks like now is so much easier ^-^


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